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Season's Greetings

Update Your Christmas Decorations with Traditional Colors

You may have boxes of Christmas decorations, or maybe you're just starting out as a new grad or newlyweds. Whatever your situation, you probably have at least some red and green.

The colors of Christmas are here to stay, but, at Pottery Barn this season, you have plenty of options to give your home a modern-traditional upgrade.

All Is Merry And Bright: A Look At Your Christmas Colors

Updating your Christmas look is easy when you know what you're working with. Take a look around your home and see where you can create unique beauty.

  • Dark woods look stately and handsome with dark forest green decor and garlands. If you want to bring out the rich reds in darker stains, add red decor. Gold accents make warm woods pop.
  • Medium or blond-toned wood finishes look cheerful with neutral bright reds and light or dark green. For a glittery look, choose silver ornaments and accents. For warmth, go gold.
  • In rooms with lots of pattern and color, go all in with your decorations. Include plaid, velour, metal ornaments, fluffy wreaths and lots of silver and gold to maximize decor and dimension.

Stockings Hung with Care: Perfecting The Mantel

Next, give your mantel an upgrade. Your stockings deserve more than just great presents. Create a new holiday vignette.

  • Upgrade your stocking holders with sculptural looks that draw upon expanded ideas of seasonal motifs, like sleek reindeer or village home statuettes. These let the bright colors of stockings show best.
  • Choose a garland you love and then have fun making it exceptional. Greenery interspersed with berries, flowers and pinecones work your holiday colors in a gorgeous, nature-inspired way.
  • Place ornaments in between stocking holders. Just take off the tree hangers and they can rest as decorative balls on the mantel.
  • If you don't have a mantel, designate a staircase or high shelf for your stockings.

Holiday Ornaments: You Can Never Have Too Many

Most families pick out at least a few new ornaments every year. Join the fun by discovering new holiday ornaments for your home.

  • Winter white adds a layer of contrast to a rich, green tree full of colorful ornaments.
  • Glass ornaments let you play with new texture in traditional colors. Watch the light reflect off these beauties for a stunning Christmas look.
  • Add picture frames to the tree. They let you work in bright reds and greens with a personal touch.
  • Cute animal ornaments add dashes of color and whimsy without overwhelming even a formal tree in a big living room or entryway.

Christmas Lights: Indoors and Outdoors

Christmas lights always make an impact. Decorate indoors and outside with yours for a beautiful, welcoming look. Alternate white and colored lights for a sublime look.

  • Outside, pre-lit trees and wreaths or string lights highlight your home and spread joy to neighbors.
  • Inside, candles dress up tables, mantels and windows. Go for traditional flame candles, LED lights or lanterns.
  • Lit decor adds to your home, too, twinkly or glittery trees, reindeer and other fun, high-quality decorations look beautiful when thoughtfully placed.

Make this holiday one of the best yet with a new approach to your Christmas decorations.