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Add an exquisite contemporary piece or rustic charm with our wide selection of chandeliers that suit your taste available at Pottery Barn. For rustic charm, choose chandeliers that feature cast-iron or oiled bronze construction and details, such as candle cups and barrel hoops. For contemporary pieces, opt for geometric or cascading chandeliers and go for a touch of luxury with shimmering crystals. Place a chandelier above your designer bathtub for soft bath lighting or welcome guests to your home with a striking chandelier in the entryway. Our chandeliers come in a variety of sizes from small to large so you can find the best fit for your home.

Some of our chandeliers even make terrific outdoor lighting pieces so you can entertain late into the evening in style. If you have a gazebo, display a chandelier directly in the center for a striking statement piece. For large verandas or outdoor seating areas, mix and match smaller chandeliers to create the look of separate areas above each table or seating arrangement. Designed to stand up to the elements, our chandeliers are available in polished silver, oiled bronze, chrome and satin nickel for a gorgeous look no matter which one you choose.

For a romantic look, pair chandeliers with lanterns that add a soft glow and whimsical appearance to indoor and outdoor spaces. Illuminate the room with candles that pair well with chandeliers that feature antique styles and candle details. Opt for LED candles so you never have to worry if you blew out the candles. Opt for scented candles to add exquisite aromas that fill your home with delightful scent accompanied by soft, elegant lighting. Choose lanterns in the same finish as your chandelier for a cohesive look throughout the room or opt for contrasting materials for a bold look.

Dress up your chandelier and keep cords under wraps with our lighting accessories. Most of our chandeliers come with adjustable chains to accommodate varying ceiling heights, making them ideal for homes with high or standard ceilings. Cover these adjustable chains with cord covers that add a soft, romantic touch to your room. Choose between linen and burlap covers to suit your style needs. Many of our chandeliers can even be paired with lamp shades so you can match cord covers to burlap, linen or cowhide shades. Opt for burlap to add a textural look that filters light resulting in a soft glow, unleash your inner spirit animal with cowhide or keep things refined and simple with linen shades.

Complete your chandelier with light bulbs that offer the ideal amount of luminosity for your space. Our light bulb collection features two styles including traditional globe bulbs that are reminiscent of the first light bulbs and teardrop bulbs that add an elegant and reflective touch. Both styles of light bulbs feature stunning filaments that stand out in chandeliers that feature exposed bulbs. Opt for 40-watt bulbs for a soft, warm glow or go for brighter 60-watt bulbs to brighten up dark rooms or increase the reflective factor of your chandelier. Save energy and make your home eco-friendly with LED light bulbs that are efficient and last approximately five times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Pair chandeliers with wall sconces to create a cohesive look that offers all the right lighting. Chandeliers are a terrific way to add direct overhead lighting while sconces offer horizontal lighting, making this pair a perfect combination for any room. Add sconces to your bedroom lighting by mounting one on each side of the headboard, and complete the look with a stunning chandelier that illuminates your bedroom furniture and turns your boudoir into a dream retreat.