Hardwire Sconces

Add versatile lighting indoors and outdoors with hardwire sconces that we have available at Pottery Barn. Our hardwire sconces are installed directly into your home’s electrical, making them a permanent fixture of your style and design. These types of sconces don’t have any exposed wires so they offer a clean and professional look to any space. You can use hardwire sconces with light switches or dimmers to create the right amount of illumination that you need. If you want the simplest lighting available with maximum style, check out our plug-in sconces that don’t require any wiring or installation. Sconce lights are almost always installed in pairs, making them an ideal choice to highlight your bedside, doors or bathroom mirror.

Our hardwire sconces make ideal outdoor lighting and can be used to illuminate doorways as well as outdoor seating areas. Install sconces on either side of your entryway to illuminate the path and make opening the door late at night a breeze. Constructed to endure all weather situations, these sconces hold up well to the elements and last for years. Choose from a variety of finishes including copper and nickel to match your outdoor furniture or house numbers for a bold, put-together look. Add sconces on stairwells just above shoulder height to avoid bumping into them and illuminate the walkway elegantly.

Sconces are also a terrific addition to the bathroom as they offer flattering light that you can use to get ready in the morning. Sconces aim light directly at your face making it easier to apply makeup or style your hair without worrying about shadows and distortions. Choose from vertical or horizontal sconces to create your desired look. Our sconces are available in a variety of materials, such as bronze, silver and cast-iron, and the shades come in canvas, linen and glass styles that turn your bathroom into the ultimate retreat.

Add the finishing touches to your sconces with light bulbs that provide the right degree of illumination and feature stunning silhouettes to add texture and dimension. Teardrop light bulbs focus light at the end resulting in a reflective, glowing light that is ideal for romantic spaces. Opt for traditional light bulbs to create a nostalgic look that adds refinement and casual sophistication. Our light bulbs are available in 40- and 60-watt versions so you can illuminate any room warmly or brightly depending on your needs. If you want an eco-friendly home, opt for LED lights that save energy and help the planet.