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Table and floor lamps bring a soft glow to any room and add lighting exactly where you need it so you can tackle work in the office or cuddle up with a great book in bed. At Pottery Barn, we know that the right tools and lighting can make any task easier. Add task lamps to your office or artist studio to illuminate your space and focus on creating your best work. Opt for an adjustable task lamp to easily direct light exactly where you need it, even if you are working on separate projects. With design options ranging from the utilitarian contemporary to the antique inspired, our task lamps are best for lighting up a small area.

If you want a lamp that provides a wash of light to illuminate an entire room, opt for floor lamps that can brighten up a dark corner or be used as the main lighting option in unwired spaces. Floor lamps are great for small spaces; they can be tucked behind furniture such as couches and tables to free up floor space while still providing great lighting. Industrial-chic metal lamps give your room a classic retro feel, while lamps with crystal accents add instant elegance and take your room to the next level.

Add bedside lamps to nightstands or dressers to illuminate your bedroom and add artistic accents to the room. Crystal pedestal lamps add grace and luxury while colored ceramic base lamps add vibrant tones that brighten up the room even when the lamp is turned off. In-laid bone and mother of pearl lamps add a natural touch to busy city homes, and sea inspired lamps make beach decor stand out. Create an asymmetric look by adding only one bedside lamp, or frame your bedding with two matching lamps that highlight your decor. Glass lamps are great for guest bedrooms because they create airy, simple designs that can be dressed up or down with bedding depending on the guest.

Update existing lamps or put your own spin on a new one with lamp shades and accessories that help you control light and express your style. Burlap lamp shades allow light through woven designs, making them romantic and rustic all at the same time. Linen lamp shades add a touch of simple elegance and can be used to brighten up a bedside or living room when lounging after a long day. Opt for straight sided lamp shades to add elegant lines that create dimension, or choose drum and tapered shades that offer smooth curves for a stunning appearance.

Pair your table and floor lamps with lanterns and string lights that immediately take your style to the next level. When decorating a teenager’s room, pair a task lamp with string lights that inspire whimsical dreams. Turn your fireplace or living area into a rustic retreat with lanterns that add soft lighting and bring the great outdoors right into your home. Opt for wired lanterns. Or select ones you can illuminate with candles for a romantic touch.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect table, task and floor lamps, you’ll want to pick out the perfect light bulbs to illuminate them. Opt for bright light with 60-watt light bulbs that make reading and working an easy feat. Choose 40-watt light bulbs to add softer lighting to spaces where you want to relax or settle in for the night. Our light bulbs are available in both teardrop and traditional Edison shapes to suit your style needs. You can even save energy and turn your home into an eco-conscious one with LED bulbs that save you money on electric bills. These are also better for the planet than fluorescent bulbs.