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Furnish Your Home with Sustainable Furniture

Decorating your home with sustainable furniture is a major step you can take today towards a lifestyle that's good for you, your community, the earth and the communities that make your furnishings. At Pottery Barn, you can shop a wide variety of types of sustainable furniture. Browse beds and bedding, side tables, dressers, coffee tables, desks, rugs and more. The quality of the design and construction is the same you'd expect from any furniture you'd choose, but the impact is far, far greater.

Committing to Our Earth and Our Workers

The inspiration for designing sustainable home decor came from a conscious commitment to shrink our ecological footprint and protect the health of our customers and factory workers.

  • Reclaimed wood and other recycled materials help cut down on forestry and other production methods. By giving beautiful materials a second life, you become part of a heritage of furniture with reliable design and quality, but unique stories and maybe even markings in wood or metal.
  • Organic bedding and other linens or textiles reduce the amount of chemical that end up in the air or water around factories and further into adjacent communities. Our planet as a whole is less impacted by a reduction in manmade chemicals, like certain fertilizers or bleaches.
  • Look for lamps made of recycled glass or other upcycled components. Ceramic is another earth-friendly material choice--one that happens to be a long-time favorite for lamp design.

What Makes Home Furnishings Sustainable?

Sustainable furniture comprises four main elements at Pottery Barn.

  • The furniture, textile or home decor is made of organic materials or fabrics, like organic cotton or linen sheets or curtains.
  • Sustainable sourcing matters a lot. This is another example of why reclaimed wood is so great. The wood comes from other uses, sometimes older furniture or construction.
  • Fair trade treats people who source materials or produce furniture or home decor with basic respect and dignity. The power differentials present in most trade inspires us to do good, not take advantage of others.
  • Handcrafted work or details is often a good way to support fair trade and ensure sustainable sourcing. This direct work has the power to sustain large communities.

The Same Beautiful Furniture You Expect

Sustainable furniture is just as beautiful as anything you would consider putting in your home. In fact, organic fabric is often superior--either softer or crisper, depending on material or thread count--and reclaimed wood is beloved for its unique charms.

By working together to improve our quality and the quality of life of those with whom we work, our furniture becomes more meaningful than ever.