Single Hooks

Organize any room in your home by adding several single hooks from the home organization collection we carry at Pottery Barn. Our wall hooks are easy to install and give you additional storage space anywhere you need it. Whether you live in a small apartment or a full-size home, you’ll find a use for this hardware. To select the ideal hooks, consider the style and finish of the other decor in the room. If you love the farmhouse look, consider a style with a rustic bronze finish. For those with simple yet modern decor, our classic hooks with a pewter or brass finish would be ideal.

If you’re tight on storage space and don’t have room for additional pieces of furniture, consider adding four or more hooks to your wall. You can position all of the hooks in a single horizontal line, or you can scatter them at different heights for a fun look that adds interest to your decor. Give your entryway a total makeover by hanging several single hooks near the door for guests to hang coats or scarves. Try positioning the hooks above your entryway bench to give each member of the family a personalized place to put things. Your spouse or children will love having his or her own space to hang hats, sweaters or backpacks.

You can also use these convenient hooks in other rooms of your home like a bathroom or kitchen. In the bathroom, you can use hooks to hang bath towels, robes or other necessary essentials. You’ll appreciate having a place to hang a wet towel to dry after your shower. In the same way, you can use these in the kitchen to hang aprons or tea towels. Some of our hooks are so strong and durable that you can use them to hang pots and pans. To install the hooks for heavy hanging properly, be sure that you screw them into a stud for added strength.

Add character to smaller rooms or corner spots by using a single hook to hang a lantern or piece of accent decor. If you have a thin corner wall space to fill, use a hook to hang a floating frame or decorative floral wreath. Maximize the vertical wall space by scattering hooks and hanging decorative objects at varying heights. The possibilities are endless when you decorate your home with one or more of our single wall hooks.