Metal Outdoor Furniture

Choosing what kind of furniture to use in your outdoor space has a big effect on the way your home feels. To rest and relax to the max, you need to follow what you heart tells you. A design theme that makes you happy is an enormous plus since it produces positive health and emotional benefits, every day! And finding the pieces that get you excited isn’t hard. Just check out Pottery Barn’s various kinds of outdoor furniture designs and keep track of the pieces that jump out at you. Want to know more about what metal can do for your space? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few ways metal can rock your world.

First, what are the pros of metal furniture? Its durability is practically unparalleled, for one thing. Metal furniture is strong, but lightweight at the same time. So if you like to reorganize your seating layout frequently – because of company or just because you enjoy putting a new spin on your home’s exterior – our rustproof aluminum is a good option your back will enjoy. Metal is also really easy to take care of. Usually all you need for cleaning is a damp cloth and a few minutes. A big advantage of metal is that it can handle cool weather like almost no other material. Live in an area where winter means snow? Metal furniture can take it without problems. You don’t have to worry about storing it inside if you don’t feel like it.

Of course, you want to know what kind of ambience metal furniture creates on a patio or balcony? Well, part of the answer depends on the piece’s specific design, but virtually all metal furniture is very elegant. Sweeping curves and art nouveau-inspired details take sophistication to new heights. This kind of style gives your home the same luxury as a 1930s-era gala.

Metal also appeals to those with an artistic side. It’s so versatile that even here, the possibilities really conform to your own personality. For example, minimalist pieces feature sleek and simple lines. They focus on powerful shapes expressed without complication. They’re very chic, like hosting a cocktail party in Paris with famous fashion figures.

Other designs offer interesting contours that resemble the strokes of calligraphy. They pair well with glass and a few pops of intense color. And if you’re drawn to an industrial style with concrete and thick wood beams, dark metal falls naturally into place. Now that you know what metal furniture can do for your outdoor space, check out some practical decor ideas to inspire you. Remember that you’re the artist, and your home is your canvas. So feel free to improvise whenever you feel like it.

A metal dining set with intricate contours provides a gorgeous backdrop for formal affairs. It stands out without any outside help; but after evening falls, string lighting really creates a sophisticated ambience. A stone or cement patio underneath blends well with the cool metal. Dine and laugh and share fine wine with your guests.

For an elegant but laidback spot to spend time as a family or with friends, design a warm evening layout around a fire pit with a metal sectional. An L-shaped configuration distributes the heat evenly between everyone, and makes it easy to cozy up to loved ones. On the other side of the fire pit, place two or three metal chairs facing the rest of the group. Accent tables provide a spot for snacks in case you feel like making s’mores.

One important design reminder is that you don’t need to go all metal if you don’t want. Some really beautiful layouts merge wood or wicker furniture with a couple of metal accent pieces – and vice-versa. It’s a nice effect because wood brings a little bit of love and warmth to the table. A metal coffee table gives a touch of Milan to a wicker sectional layout, infusing extra fashion into the mix. Use a detailed area rug underneath for an even stronger effect.