Outdoor Console Tables

Your home’s outdoor space is more than just the big things. It’s the sum of all parts. That’s why decorative details like planters, lighting and table centerpieces have such a positive effect on things. Pottery Barn’s outdoor accent pieces are designed to make a big impression. One accessory that’s often overlooked but packs a big punch is a console table. On the deck or patio, a console table combines functionality and decor. Chances are you have one or several inside the home – maybe in the entryway or living room – to welcome guests and add elegance. What about outdoors? How can you use outdoor console tables to make the patio look even more beautiful?

A console table is great for filling in open spaces outside the home or along your deck’s fence. Instead of a bare wall, you have an opportunity to display artwork and decorative objects. It’s a good way to add ambience to the space. Want to turn your patio into a Spanish villa? A rustic console table and distinctive pieces of pottery transport you to Seville. Plants work really well with a classic architectural style. Place them beside your console table or on the inside shelf to fill the whole deck with lots of life.

If your patio has a gorgeous seaside view – or you want to make it feel that way – a console table with simple contours and ocean-inspired decor gives your backyard a bright and refreshing atmosphere. Natural wood tones make everyone feel right at home. If you’re looking for more of a Mediterranean breeze, choose a metallic console table for a hint of luxury. A large mirror fits nicely with a sophisticated theme.

On the practical side of things, a console table is a big help when entertaining. It easily holds chips, dip and snacks during an informal backyard barbeque. Its streamlined surface is perfect for serving buffet style too. That way guests can grab another glass of ice-cold lemonade or iced tea whenever they want. A bottom shelf offers space for a cooler, extra party provisions and other essentials. You don’t need to head into the kitchen to take care of guests. And more time outdoors with your friends means more fun.

Buffet tables take the storage aspect of a console table a step further with doors and shelves. That lets you keep a full set of dishes, flatware and drinkware outside, ready for company at a moment’s notice. They also double easily as a bar, with space for your favorite liquor and wine, as well as cocktail glasses, cutting boards and mixing tools.