Bistro Tables & Chairs

Since no two people are exactly alike, every home has a different personality. And that’s a good thing. At Pottery Barn, we want to help you put your own touch on your decor with signature furniture that stands out. Outside, one of the biggest ways to express your style is with a table. Everything from the style you choose – be it minimalist, rustic or sophisticated – to the table’s size says something about you. And it also helps create the ambience of your dreams. One distinctive accent that makes a big impression is a bistro table. Here’s how to enhance a patio or balcony with bistro tables and chairs.

Create a breakfast nook in the backyard. The beauty of a bistro table’s smaller size is that it fits almost anywhere. If your house has a beautiful brick exterior or some interesting architecture, place a bistro table right next to it. A few flowers are sure to bring a smile to your face in the morning. Whatever part of the patio that makes you the happiest is a good spot for a breakfast table. Enjoying the sounds of nature gives you an extra jolt of energy for the rest of the day.

Pools and bistro tables go together like cheese and wine. Why? They share a hint of luxury and chic, almost as if your home were the residence of a secret agent with tons of style. Take a refreshing dip, and then enjoy a glass of wine while drying off under the sun.

For those with a romantic personality, a bistro table creates the ideal spot for date night. Put on some soft music, dress to the nines and enjoy a tasty meal worthy of a five-star chef, all without leaving home. String lights create a special mood, especially when looking out over a pool or moonlit ocean.

Everyone needs some time to themselves. Maybe you love reading novels; or you just want to catch up on the latest news. A bistro table and chairs provide a quiet and comfortable environment with a really nice twist: a place to set your cup of coffee while you read. A bistro table fits just fine in balconies as well, so even in the big city you can enjoy a nice vista.

If you work at home, no one said it’s obligatory to stay in the office. Heading outside to enjoy the fresh air from time to time gives you a nice change of pace. The peaceful setting inspires you and improves creativity and productivity. Just grab your laptop and sit down at the table. It’s a great place to think outside the box.

A bistro table fits snugly inside your own private secret garden. Whether you prefer a cement patio filled with planters, or sitting right on the lawn underneath a large shade tree, the table’s size lets you feel right at home with hummingbirds and plant life on all sides.