Outdoor Bars & Buffet Tables

Outdoor spaces are great for entertaining. Guests love the fresh breeze and relaxed feel of an open-air celebration, whether you host it on a rooftop terrace or in your backyard. Add even more excitement to the party with signature drinks. They’re tantalizing and fun, and you can bet your friends’ eyes will light up at the possibilities. Of course, everyone has different preferences. Some treasure fine wine, others are more comfortable with an ice-cold beer, and at times non-alcoholic soft drinks or juice are what really hit the spot. Pottery Barn’s outdoor bars and buffets let you stock up with your favorite alcohol, liqueurs, mixers, bottles and much more. Here’s why an outdoor bar makes entertaining easier.

First of all, you have a lot more fun when you’re in on the action. No host wants to leave friends just as things are starting to get awesome to refill a glass of wine. With an outdoor bar, you’re still right there, with all the tools you need at your fingertips. Another benefit is that your bar becomes a party hotspot, where guests flock so you can prepare the cocktails or mocktails they love. And whether you want to flip bottles in the air or serve in 1920s-style formalwear, you’re sure to keep your get-together lively and filled with plenty of cheer.

An outdoor bar has a large surface for mixing drinks. There’s space for a cutting board and garnishing tools, as well as any drink specifics like a rimmer for tasty margaritas. Keep your most used bottles – or the ones that get your friends’ mouths watering – in plain view. Many bars and buffets have a spot for a refrigerator or cooler too, so you can serve chilled favorites. Racks for wine glasses and cocktail glasses keep them close by and pristine. There are shelves inside for shot glasses, napkins, serving trays and whatever else want to personalize your party.

Along with drinks, hors d’oeuvres and snacks make a big impression too. Meals served buffet-style let guests grab what appeals to them the most, and as much as they want. That’s a big help for hosts whether it’s a full meal with barbecued chicken and coleslaw or a black tie affair with canapes. Since buffets are equipped with doors, there’s no problem if you want to keep a complete set of dishes, serving pieces, flatware and drinkware ready and waiting for your next outdoor event.

Where should you put a bar or buffet outdoors? That depends on your entertaining space; where guests are most likely to be. For example, if a gorgeous pool is what stands out in your backyard, place a bar or buffet nearby for refreshments. That’s a nice amenity even when you’re just relaxing in the sun by yourself. Or place a wood bar in the middle of your garden, together with some Adirondack chairs for an afternoon nap. Another good spot for a buffet is against the wall near your dining area.