Outdoor Dining Sets

At Pottery Barn, we know that furniture is more than just functionality. In fact, it’s even more than decor. We want your furniture to be about special moments; laughter and smiles and memories that last a lifetime. Outdoor dining sets are a beautiful way to create those good times you never forget. Invite friends over for a formal cocktail party, to share some mouthwatering barbecue or just to spend time together. Share meals as a family and deepen your love even more. Here are some ways to use outdoor dining sets to design the home exterior of your dreams.

Traditional rectangular dining sets are popular for good reason. They accommodate a lot of people comfortably – usually from six to eight – around the table. There’s plenty of space for full place settings, with room left over to pass serving plates around and keep drinks and dessert close by too. You still have a ton of flexibility when it comes to style, with some pieces highlighting minimalist features and others with curved contours.

Not sure whether to choose seating with armrests or without? It’s not hard to find chairs of both kinds that match your design vision, so the main thing it comes down to is the amount of people you want to accommodate outside. Armrests give guests a place to lean back and relax. They create an ambience where no one’s in a hurry to leave. Sip an after dinner drink while talking as long as you want. Without armrests, it’s possible to fit up to eight comfortably at many tables.

For elegance and intimate dining, think about a round dining set. They’re great for patios with several different focus points, like a pool, a pizza oven, a fire pit or a garden. The distinctive shape of a round table lets it stand out without overpowering the other backyard areas. Share a special meal after sunset with your closest friends, complete with fine wine and warm lighting.

To take family-style dining and Tuscan inspiration to the next level, go with a square table and a banquette. A banquette wraps around the table on three sides, which is perfect for spending time with loved ones. Joke around and have fun over dinner or while playing a board game.

Looking for a touch of romance and excitement? One distinctive decor option is a bar-height table and stools. They give your patio a French cafe; flair that makes you imagine you’re strolling the Champs Elysees hand-in-hand or enjoying a soft serenade on the canals of Venice. A vase with fresh flowers fits the mood perfectly.

A bistro table with folding chairs is a smart space solution for cozy apartment balconies. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a meal while taking in the view. Or head outside to think with a soothing cup of tea. Most bistro tables are fit for two so you can share the moment with a friend.