Outdoor Dining Tables

Whether you’re entertaining a large group or simply want to grab a snack on a lazy afternoon, a durable, yet comfortable outdoor dining table makes an excellent addition to your porch, patio or deck. Perfect for entertaining or just for having fun with the family, there are many different styles and options for outdoor entertaining from Pottery Barn. Made for all-weather purposes and designed to last for years of enjoyment, the right outdoor dining table is sure to enliven your outdoor ensemble and help make warm weather entertaining a success.

For a large party or to maximize space, a large, rectangular dining table is an excellent idea. Similar to the elegant quality you may have already on display in your indoor dining room, an outdoor table is made of materials that are able to withstand the elements. A concrete option is a viable, classic touch, offering you the ability to pair it with wicker lounge chairs for a small party, or with smaller, outdoor dining chairs for a larger party. Beyond concrete, there are other construction options that are durable and long-lasting as well. For example, opt for an FSC-certified mahogany and hardwood table with a spectacular anti-scratch finish for you and your guests, or a rust free aluminum table that stands well up to wind and rain. Similarly, for larger get-togethers, a dining bench is another great choice for backyard entertaining, offering plenty of room for plates and accompaniments. Many of our outdoor rectangular tables also have extender options, allowing you to use them for everyday use or extend them for a large summer barbecue or party.

For a true backyard garden party feel, outdoor bar height tables do well purposefully placed on your deck or patio area. This adds a joyful, bar feel to your outdoor entertaining, allowing guests to pair off in groups of twos or threes to enjoy a meal, drink and some relaxation time. Choose from round or square bar-height tables to crank up the fun a notch.

For smaller get-togethers and for everyday use, outdoor round dining tables work well on most decks and patios. Similar to the large, rectangular tables in construction, you can choose from wood and metal among materials other when selecting your table. Some of the available round tables have folding options, making them quite portable and convenient. Take them poolside to have an intimate summer lunch with your significant other or to the backyard for a fun picnic with the kids.