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Outdoor Lounge Furniture Cushions

Outdoor Dining Furniture Cushions

Outdoor Sunbrella Slipcovers

Outdoor Universal Replacement Cushions

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Outdoor furniture cushions are designed to withstand the elements and to do it with style. We have slipcovers and cushions for chaise lounges, chairs and sofas. Fabrics might be solids in primary colors or soft hues. Stripe fabric comes in bold and vibrant colors or subtle, muted tones. Mix and match colors on different pieces of furniture to create interest and personality. Throw some decorative pillows to top off the decor. Outdoor pillows add comfort to the seating area and complement your outdoor living space. Choose from artistic designs of olive leaves, sunflowers, outdoor sea and animal life. Or, florals, medallions, plaids and solids that can blend with the cushions. We have a wonderful selection at Pottery Barn that runs the gamut to make it simple for you to find what you need all in one place.

An outdoor rug is a great decorating accessory that adds cushion for those walking on it, kids who might play on it and dogs who might curl up for a nap. Southwestern and Egyptian prints on rugs look fabulous outdoors and bring some of Mother Nature’s earthy colors to the patio, deck or porch. Muted tones have a monochromatic appearance so they can really go with any colors. Select a rug with fringe for a gypsy vibe. The rugs are durable and chic at the same time.

Hang outdoor drapes around the living space to create the feel of an inside room moved outdoors. Billowy sheers are light and carefree. Heavier drapes withstand the wind. The drapes certainly enhance an outdoor space while adding a little privacy. You might be tempted to take a siesta when the afternoon sun shines in. String lights around the ceiling of the porch or balcony for extra lighting at night. You can hang twig orb, Edison light bulbs or globe string lights straight across the ceiling above the drapes or hang them in a swooping pattern. The lights are festive for entertaining, but you’ll enjoy them solo or with family too. There’s just something almost surreal about lights dangling in the night.

If you have a covered area with a wall, consider hanging some canvas prints. Many have outdoor themes, like a bicycle, gardens and sunglasses. Some are more abstract with artistic designs. There are others with fun sayings and those that feature big city attractions. Whether you want contemporary, classic or eclectic, any of them are super accessories to further define an outdoor space and a living area.

Step it up another notch and add a party bucket with a permanent stand for entertaining. The single or double galvanized bucket is ideal for storing ice and things that go well on ice. You can add beer bottles or cans, a pitcher of homemade mojitos or lemonade, sodas, bottled water or just whatever suits your crowd. The galvanized bucket keep things cold longer and comes with an attached bottle opener. So handy. When not using the buckets, they still look fabulous empty as a decorative accessory.

Store a basket under the bucket to hold drink koozies and cocktail napkins for guests. Keep another one beside the stand lined with a garbage bag to use as a recycle receptacle. When the party or picnic ends, you can take the recyclables out to the designated garbage can. An eco-friendly host or hostess is always appreciated.

Your neighbors will love being included in your soirees since they will most likely see your decorative outdoor living space. Having the extra space is like increasing your square footage. Use fans when it gets hot and space heaters when it gets cold to stay comfortable throughout the year.