PB Outdoor Lounge Cushions

Outdoor lounge cushions set the stage for your backyard barbecue or picnic. They’re a way to add color, depth and interest to a outdoor living space. Slipcovers come in bold solids, stripes and soft tones. Your friends can relax and enjoy their time with you. Or you can just chill out by yourself reading a book and relaxing.

Add some throw pillows to keep everybody comfortable. Choose a fabric design for your cushions and pillows that you like. We have sea life patterns, intricate designs, traditional, classic plaids and pillows with sassy sayings at Pottery Barn to fit your motif and the personality of the space. Shake it up a little by mixing patterns in coordinating fabric colors. A stripe can complement a medallion print or a paisley pattern. Monochromatic works well to blend in with Mother Nature.

Hang some festive string lights to shed some light to the area. Globe and Edison bulbs are contemporary, or go for earthy twig orb lights. Strings of light are an easy way to welcome people to your home. Folks just naturally gravitate to an area with inviting outdoor lights. Hang them on a railing or overhead.

Place an outdoor rug on the floor of the patio, balcony or porch. The rugs look amazing in an outdoor area, but add some cushion for those walking and standing. Kids can plays games and the pets can take a nap on a soft rug. Although the rugs are designed for the outdoors, it doesn’t mean they skimp on style. They are stunning and can be used indoors as well. Southwestern designs create a warm, hospitable vibe. Or you might like to have a simple, subtle stripe or fringed gypsy rug.

Entertain with acrylic or melamine serveware that’s basically shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Friends and especially children can enjoy appetizers or meals outdoors without the worry of breaking anything. The platters, bowls and trays are designed with gorgeous colors and patterns. They can be used indoors too.

Serve wine or cocktails in outdoor drinkware. Clear or colored acrylic glasses filled with mojitos, sangria or a margarita are sure to be a hit with your guests. And if kids are around, they can have their lemonade or soda in glasses that they know won’t break.

Outdoor entertaining is an ideal setting to let the environment add to the festivities. A few outdoor games will keep them lingering and coming back at the next invitation.