Sunbrella® Outdoor Collection

Outdoor spaces vary a lot in size and backdrop, but all are amazing. Some apartments have a wraparound balcony with a magnificent view, and others rooftop terraces with plants and a trellis. Your backyard might have a lush garden, a crystal-clear pool or a deck with richly-toned wood. Verdant plants, colorful flowers, blue skies and white clouds add lots of excitement. At Pottery Barn, we think that decor should complement and enhance the natural beauty of your home’s outdoor areas. With furniture, home accents and lighting, our goal is to give you a paintbrush and help you unleash your creativity to the max. Our Sunbrella® Outdoor Collection offers a rainbow of colors to choose from. What makes Sunbrella® attractive for a patio?

Sunbrella® fabrics are famous with professional landscape designers. Why? They provide premium protection and durability when it comes to pretty much everything outdoors. Our Sunbrella® Outdoor Collection, for example, includes patio umbrellas in tons of different shapes, cushions for dining chairs and lounge chaises, sofa and sectional upholstery, and accent pillows. All of that gives you a lot of exciting tools to work with when planning the outdoor space of your dreams.

From a practical standpoint, Sunbrella® fabric is incredible. It’s extremely weather-resistant, which protects it from moisture, mildew and stains. Keeping it in excellent condition is really easy: usually all it requires is brushing off any accumulated dust or soil after use. In the case of unexpected spills, cleaning involves a quick blotting or using a soft brush and some mild, soapy water. Then just rinse and let air dry. Bottom line, Sunbrella® is practically maintenance-free and stays gorgeous for a very long time.

Another benefit of Sunbrella® is that it’s fade-resistant. That’s important because bold colors and the outdoors go together hand-in-hand. It’s a treat to enjoy those same vibrant hues anytime you want, and guests notice. What effect do bright blues, reds and other tones have on an outdoor space? Well, that depends on your design vision and the color theme you choose. Blues are often playful and invigorating. They make you feel totally free to have fun and relax any way you want. Deep greens are elegant and exotic. They relate really well to wood furniture in natural tones, and create a spa atmosphere.

You’re not limited to a monochromatic style either – though focusing on one main color is especially powerful if you prefer the less-is-more vibe of minimalist spaces. Using several different tones together basically tells people that your patio likes to party. With lime green, yellow, turquoise, electric blues, bright pink and other colors, you bring elements of tropical beaches from around the world: Cancun, Aruba, Hawaii and Monte Carlo are just a few possibilities. The best part? Unlike home interiors, outdoors it’s pretty much impossible to overdo things. When you’re outside, you can go as big and bold as you want for a space that grabs your attention right away.

Looking for some Mediterranean chic? One way to infuse your outdoor space – especially a poolside patio – with a mixture of sophistication and eternal summer is with stripes. White and navy is a classic combo that balances the fresh and clean feel of white with the luxury of dark blue. Cherry stripes add a touch of romance and make a definite fashion statement. If your personality is more introspective, stripes of gray or taupe create a space where you can sip a cup of espresso while enjoying some peace and quiet.

Moisture-resistant fabric helps you enjoy every second of your time outdoors? How? For one thing, it lets you combine several of your favorite relaxation activities at the same time. You can go for a refreshing dip in the pool and then recline on your chaise, close your eyes and take a nap in the shade – courtesy of your patio umbrella. With a nearby accent table, you even have a spot for iced tea and a novel. Do you need to worry about your wet clothes as you recline? Not at all. Sunbrella® fabric can handle it no problem. When you head inside, it air-dries in a snap.