Drapes Under $99

At Pottery Barn, we make it easy for you to get your hands on exquisite drapes without having to break the bank. With our collection of Drapes Under $99, you can find the best window treatments to decorate any room in your house. Whether you want stunning silk curtains or something a little more casual, you’re sure to find something you love. Silk drapes offer a whimsical touch to any window and their soft fabric serves as the ideal backdrop for bold pillow designs or vibrant bedding collections. Silk fabric adds striking depth and texture to your home with individual strands featuring natural variation in thickness for a refined room. For a muted alternative, opt for Belgian flax linen drapes.

For window treatments that make a big statement, opt for velvet drapes. Featuring an ultrasoft feel and luxurious luster, these drapes are fit for any king or queen. This fabric naturally absorbs sunlight, making every room your adorn with them extra cozy. When creating a vintage style with velvet, make sure to use rich, warm lighting to balance out the opulent tones. When choosing your ideal velvet curtains, you’ll want to take into account the color palette of your home. All white rooms benefit from ivory velvet drapes for the ultimate in luxury while cool blues and grays add a softer touch.

If you prefer to let in the maximum amount of light, opt for sheer drapes that add a touch of privacy. Sheer drapes generally have the effect of lightening a room, making them a suitable choice for dark or tight spaces. Featuring a wispy appearance, sheer drapes can be played up to look more elegant or subdued to create an understated design. Add a vintage touch with sheer drapes that bunch slightly on the floor, although this look should be avoided in homes with young children or playful pets.

On the other end of the spectrum, blackout curtains prevent the filtration of light ensuring your space is dark and peaceful. These curtains are particularly suited for media rooms where you want to enjoy movies on the big screen without any glare. They are also ideal for bedrooms and nurseries as they block out all outside light, thus ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. If you enjoy playing with light or require different light solutions for one room, you can layer different drapes for maximum control. Use sheer drapes and blackout drapes on the same window to control the light filtration to your preferences.

Another quick way to spice up your home without spending a pretty penny is to opt for patterned or textured drapes. Smocked drapes add soft texture to any room while patterns can be used to add a bold statement. Smocked by hand in a diamond pattern, our smocked drapes feature fabric that falls in graceful pleats. If you prefer solid drapes, keeping several different hues on hand allows you to easily update a space without spending too much time or money. Switch out drapes seasonally or simply when you get tired of one design for an instant refresh of any room.

Controlling light filtration doesn’t end inside your home. Turn your outdoor space into the ultimate relaxing getaway with outdoor drapes that can withstand the elements. Made from weather-resistant, easy-care polyester canvas, our outdoor drapes bring indoor elegance to outdoor spaces while softening sunlight and enhancing privacy. The polyester canvas is also stain-resistant so even if they get wet, they will maintain their lustrous look. The included water-repellent pewter grommets add a metallic finish and secure the drapes in place right where you want them. With colors like natural and ink blue, your porch or backyard will brighten with every use.