Vintage Hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze

Curtain rods are the jewelry of window treatments. The right choice in hardware showcases and enhances curtains while blending in with the overall style of a home. Our collection of vintage window hardware comes with an array of compatible Pottery Barn finials that evokes a classic or alluring vibe in your space.

Our drape rods are available in two widths: the 0.75"-wide rod or the 1.25"-wide rod. The thicker hardware is best for larger windows, whereas the narrower rod provides the same level of style without overwhelming a smaller opening.

Remember, it is easy to install a rod just below the ceiling to make a room’s low-ceiling appear higher. To create the illusion of a broader bank of windows, use the included mounting hardware to extend the rod beyond the true window frame. Fabric hanging against the wall on either side of a window gives it a more substantial presence and maximizes the sun able to penetrate the glass. Your finial selection also allows you to play with light. Both the Vintage Glass Ball Finial and Vintage Mercury Glass Finial catch the light in intriguing ways while offering a textural contrast to the window hardware and the softness of your draperies.

It is vital that each part of the window hardware matches. Our coordinating round rings and tiebacks sport the same oil rubbed bronze finish as our drape rods to guarantee a cohesive look.