Lighting Everyday Value

When it comes to decor and furnishings, there are many touches that make quite a difference when they’re added to a room. From your wall art to your choice of curtains or window treatments, everything blends together to make your room as attractive and elegant as it is. One of the most important things you can add to a room, the right lighting lets you look at art and sculpture differently. It gives you plenty of light to read, do chores or brighten up the room on a gloomy day. Good lighting also adds warmth to your decor. At Pottery Barn, we have an exceptional amount of different ideas for lighting - Everyday Value lights and fixtures that leave your room looking stunning without breaking the bank. Choose from pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps to help set your living space aglow.

If you’re adding fixtures to a room with high ceilings, such as your dining room, pendant lighting works quite well to illuminate the room without overpowering it. Choose from a variety of different pendant lights to give you pleasant and contemporary overhead lighting. A single glass pendant light does wonders while adding a bit of a rustic yet industrial look. Alternatively, you can choose a three-light glass pendant fixture. Suitable for vaulted or high ceilings, this fixture gives an almost-chandelier like effect.

When you need just a little bit of light, such as for reading or for watching television, search Everyday Value pages for table lamps available in a variety of styles. Situate a small table lamp on your nightstand or bedside table for an easy reach while reading in bed, or place a table lamp on an accent or end table in your living room, family room or foyer. Large table lamps also do well to illuminate other larger pieces of furniture, such a dresser, credenza or buffet.

Add a floor lamp to any room for extra light without taking up a lot of floor space. Many of the available floor lamps are adjustable, allowing you to direct the sconce lightingto where you need lighting the most. Similarly, a desk or task lamp works well in your home office or even on a night table or dresser in your bedroom. To save yourself on even more floor space, consider a wall sconce lightingwith an adjustable neck. Suitable for a child’s room, home office or kitchen, these lamps illuminate the room while being space-saving and convenient to use.