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Every Day Values: Chairs and Barstools

Every day values on chairs and barstools help you find the right one without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for a tufted upholstery dining room chair, a ladderback side chair or a breakfast barstool, look through our great selection at Pottery Barn for a great fit. Formal, eclectic and contemporary styles fit whichever motif you prefer and can follow a theme. Some of the chairs come in assorted colors for a mix and match appeal at a kitchen or dining room table. Chairs are practical and decorative pieces of furniture. It’s nice to have a few extras on hand for extra guests who might stop in.

Consider placing a rug under the chairs and the table. Rugs protect the floor from scuffs and scratches. They also add warmth to a room and a soft landing for your feet. Your pup might be tempted to take a nap during dinner hour on the rug. Area rugs come in various sizes and many patterns. Muted colors and subtle patterns blend in to the decor. Or go for bold styles and bright colors to make the rug pop. Traditional Persian rugs make an elegant statement, much like animal safari prints.

Add coordinating draperies for the window treatments. Pull out the colors in the rug that you want to be most noticeable and choose the drapery fabric accordingly. Hang the curtains in sheer fabric lazily to the floor for a shabby chic vibe. You might prefer a thicker weighted fabric and a traditional drapery that hangs about an inch above the floor. Either way, window treatments add color and pizzazz to the interior design in any room.

Complement a dining room table with a stunning chandelier centered on the ceiling and over the middle of the table. Beaded crystals dripping in tiers provide fabulous lighting and make an extraordinary light fixture. You might prefer a chandelier with funky brass rods resembling a star or a sunburst. Primitive wrought iron creates a subdued, simple lighting touch. Natural, earthy designs bring a little of Mother Nature into the home for a nature lover. There are many, many options. Consider having an electrician add a dimmer at the switch, so you can control how much or how little light you use with your chandelier.

Place a table runner on the table for a professional finish. The runners allow you to see the wood grain in the table while adding some color to it. These can be traded out for the seasons and holidays to be festive, or keep one year round for simplicity.

A floral or plant centerpiece enhances the decor in the room. Figure out if you want a tall centerpiece or a wide, shorter one. A lot depends on the height of the ceiling and the size or your table and the room. A basket of hydrangeas, orchids in a glass vase or a clay pot of lavender are ideal for live centerpieces. For no maintenance, look for faux jade plants, a standalone palm leaf or a large clam shell dripping with faux succulents. The faux plants resemble live ones and last practically forever. No watering or pruning necessary.

Hang an accent mirror near the table to reflect great conversations and meals that are enjoyed there. Mirrors enlarge a room’s appearance and accentuate the light from the chandelier or natural sunlight from a window. An ornate carved wood mirror is both fancy and natural, or try a tin mirror for a rustic tone. Paneled mirrors in different shapes exude a contemporary impression. You might want to have a wall of different sized mirrors and shapes, which would be certain to stir conversation.