Every Day Values Desks

Whether you’re giving a new look to your home office, or you need a desk in your bedroom or your child’s bedroom, adding a new desk to your space gives you a private, personalized place to get work, schoolwork or hobbies completed. You may be in search of a large, professional desk for your home office so that you can meet with clients and vendors. Alternatively, you may require a small desk for your bedroom or family room to work on art projects to help the kids with their homework or allow yourself more counter and shelf space for storage and organization. No matter which room you’re updating, we offer a large selection of Every Day Values Desks at Pottery Barn, allowing you to have elegant and classic selections that anyone can afford easily. From small, students’ desks to ladder desks that provide ample shelving, there is bound to be an office choice that speaks to your needs.

If you’re outfitting your home office, a modular desk is a terrific idea both for counter space and for storage space. Small enough to tuck in a corner, this type of desk gives you plenty of room to place an ergonomic chair and comes complete with both drawer and shelf space. Shelving space is wide enough to use a storage bin or wicker basket for items you may need close at hand, such as office supplies, files or folders. With plenty of countertop room for a laptop, phone and other small electronics, this modern type of desk complements your existing office decor easily while offering a professional feel.

If you’d like an ample amount of leg room with minimal storage and wealth of counter space, consider a vanity desk or other small office desk. Available in several different colors and styles, these versatile desks have several uses. You can use them as an actual vanity table for setup in your bedroom, or they work well in your living room or home office, either against the wall or in a nook or corner. Several small drawers offer space for items, such as pens and pencils for in an office environment or toiletries and accessories if used as a vanity.

There are also desk types available as Every Day Values that offer plenty of counter space and ample leg room but do not have storage or drawers. These "anywhere" types of desks also have many uses. Place them as a side or accent table in your living room, family room or game room, or use them as counter storage in your entryway or foyer. These types of desks also work well to add additional space in your home office as a second desk. Pair them with elegant side chairs or use ergonomic office chairs for comfort. Available in several finishes and colors, these desks also look wonderful paired with an upholstered armchair in front of your French doors or patio windows.

For a modern and contemporary look, consider ladder desks in your home office, entryway or living room. With several different types, these desks also mimic the look of ladder bookcases and shelves. Typically, the first shelf on the desk offers counter space on which you can work, and several shelves are arranged above it, giving you extra storage room for office supplies, decorative objects and more. If you’re short on space, but need an ample amount of room in which to work and store accessories, ladder desks and shelving work exceptionally well. These units also add depth to your bedroom or work well as a desk in a child’s or teenager’s bedroom.