Rugs & Windows Clearance

Rugs and windows clearance items feature various offerings in diverse designs, patterns, textures and colors to complement your existing furniture and decor. Whether you are just replacing old rugs and windows treatments, adding new ones to your collection or want them for a home redesign project, our clearance section is a good place to shop for items, especially if you are working on a budget. Just like other Pottery Barn offerings, the items in our clearance section come in the same quality but with a lower price tag. It will also be a good idea to check our clearance section regularly for any new offerings that may include items that you have always wanted but may have become more affordable for you.

Our clearance rugs come in different sizes. This means that you can pick the design and pattern that you want without worrying too much if the rug is the right size for the space where it will go. Among the available designs are traditional Asian styles, geometric patterns and even animal prints. You have multiple lengths and width size choices for the rugs available, designed to fit many different spaces.

If you buying a rug for the first time or are unsure what size will work best for your living room, dining room or bedroom, there is a standard when it comes to sizing. For the living room, the rug should go past beneath the front legs of the main seating furniture in a normal layout. Rugs that go to the dining room should be able to frame the dining table and the chairs with some room to spare. In the bedroom, the rug should be able to cover from one-third of the bed and go past the foot and sides of the bed by about a foot or more.

Clearance windows come in different designs and fabric type as well. As with other drapes, the designs afford you the ability to change the mood and atmosphere in a room by simply switching drapes. Heavier drapes give you excellent privacy and work well in blacking out a room. Sheer fabric window treatments let in more light and breeze into a room. To determine how wide your drapes should be, measure the width of the window. The width of the drapes for that particular window should be from two to two-and-a-half times wider. As for the length of the drapes, you can choose to have them hang about a foot or so from the floor, have the edge of the drapes touching the floor or have them flow down into a neat pile below the window.