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Pottery Barn recognizes that a house or apartment is not truly a home until it receives the personal touches and design style of the family that lives in it. That is why we offer an incredibly varied and amazing assortment of furniture designed to enhance your home and make creating a singular and outstanding look easy, be it trendy and exciting, rustic and natural, or traditionally elegant. All of our living room furniture is designed to be functional and durable for long-lasting enjoyment, and provide unbelievable comfort and relaxation, but also to feature striking and easily recognizable contours that create stunning visual interest and combine well with existing or innovative new wall colors.

We make it easy to choose the fabric and tones that you need to create a harmonious ambience throughout the space, from soft pastels and grays to intense colors that are sure to make a decorative statement. Bedroom accessories abound as well, such as delicate vases and flowers designed to create a warm and peaceful space, in addition to designer pillows and blankets ideal for adding bold colors to the room. And, of course, the wide variety and styles of our home decorations allow for nearly infinite customization options that can enliven literally any room of the home. Don’t forget to check out our full list of dining room serveware to add elegance and flair to the kitchen space as well.