Lighting Clearance

One of the most important aspects of any room in your home, the correct lighting allows you to see, but also adds warmth and effect to the room, brightening it up on a gloomy day, or adding sparkle during a big event. Just like other useful pieces and decorative items in your home, occasionally it’s fun to redesign your lighting systems a bit, or simply add some reading or mood lighting where it’s needed. To help keep your budget on track and your home alight, shop our lighting clearance for excellent deals on everything from pendant lights to table lamps. Our wide selection at Pottery Barn ensures you’ll be able to light the way, no matter which room you’re outfitting.

Classic and elegant, a chandelier light is a grand choice for several spaces within your home. It’s typically a perfect fit for the dining room, but this type of light also works well in entryways, foyers and hallways. Choose a delicate piece, such as one constructed with handblown glass and antique brass, for plenty of light as well as a decorative accent.

Another good idea for your dining room is multi-pendant lighting. Similar to chandeliers, multi-pendants work best in rooms with high ceilings, with each light hanging down. These are similar to a chandelier, but are not connected into one piece. Choose from multi-pendants that provide an abundance of light, including up to eight bulbs, or use this type of piece as mood lighting with five bulbs or less.

Single pendant choices work well for your indoor spaces, but there are also outdoor pendant lights available as well. Choose a style that complements your outdoor decor, and place pendant lights in walkways, from your porch roof or in your entryway for extra light.

Often, a new table lamp is all you need to enliven the room with some fresh decor while also adding some extra light. Consider classic styles that work well on a nightstand or side table, or opt for an ambient light type that blends in with your home office decor. Floor lamps are also a good choice, particularity for reading. Consider modern and contemporary styles to place in your living space, in the master bedroom or in a child's bedroom. Adjustable and fixed wall sconces also provide convenient light, and these are great if you’re trying to save floor space. Choose from metal, crystal and other types of sconces to add a different look to your room.