Organization Clearance

With some handy organizational items, you’ll immediately know where everything is in your home, and your surfaces and floors can stay free from clutter. At Pottery Barn, we’ll help you organize every aspect of your home from space-saving ideas in the entryway to keeping your affairs in order in the home office. Our organization clearance offer lets you get hold of great items without making a big dent in your budget.

First impressions count so use an entry station to keep small items you can grab on the way in and out hidden away in the drawers. Hand your bags on the hooks underneath and check out your look in the mirror. A mirror opens up a room and, as entryways tend to be small, a mirror can be combined with a row of hooks underneath to hang up coats, bags and your pet’s leash to take advantage of wall space.

Cubbies work in any room where you want to display your favorite objects, framed photos and sculptures. To keep some things tidied away, put them in wicker storage baskets that fit neatly into the cubbies. Box shelves combine the idea of a frame with a shelf ledge, creating unique shelf space that is pleasing to the eye. Arrange different-size box shelves together to make a feature on your wall. When fitting standard shelves to your wall, choose a material that suits your decor, such as marble or wood with a wrought-iron bracket.

Don’t get bogged down with paperwork in your home office. Use a paper tray to hold important documents, a paper file for unopened letters and a desk caddy for smaller items. An oversized clipboard lets you prioritize urgent paperwork and a small pocket in the back holds essential notes and correspondence. A wall system comprising a magnetic board, an open shelf and gallery ledges allows you to see notices and calendar dates easily while providing additional space to prop up notepads and pen holders.

If your floor space is limited and you don’t have room for a full-size desk, a workspace gives you the same benefits while utilizing the wall instead. Pull down the front of the wall box to reveal a desk area with ample surface space to write on or for your laptop, plus cubby space and shelving for your office accessories. Scribble chalk messages on the wall calendar and use modular shelving units and hooks to design the optimum work area.

Instead of leaving knickknacks strewn around, display them in decorative boxes and trays. Polished silvertrayslook sophisticated while brightly colored lacquertraysare modern. A glass display box engraved with a monogram is a lovely gift for someone special.

Keep jewelry organized in a jewelry box. The decorative box keeps your precious gems hidden from view, and the inner compartments separate the pieces into types and styles. If you’d rather put your jewelry on display, a decorative stand looks striking on your vanity. Continue the organization throughout your home using baskets, racks and bags to streamline everything from your laundry to your luggage when preparing to travel.