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Outdoor spaces are extremely refreshing, but not every home exterior is alike. Some houses have a huge backyard; others boast a poolside patio. Or, maybe you live in a chic modern apartment with a gorgeous balcony where you can dine as the sun goes down. Decks, covered porches, terraces and pergolas all have their own distinctive take on the outdoors. And just like there a many different kinds of open-air entertaining options, there are also tons of ways to customize your home’s exterior. From comfy furniture perfect for sharing drinks with friends to elegant tables that provide a brilliant backdrop for a nighttime soiree, at Pottery Barn we want to help make your outdoor space everything you dream. Our free shipping outdoor pieces don’t take long to arrive so you can get started decorating faster. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

If you have a pair of lounge chairs on your balcony, one way to give the space an intimate atmosphere is with decorative pillows. The extra comfort helps everyone to relax. If you’re going for a romantic vibe, tan neutrals match beautifully with candles and wine. A warm throw draped over the back of one of the chairs gives the balcony even more color and warmth. And if the night air gets a bit chilly, you can snuggle too.

To give your pool area a Mediterranean ambience, try focusing on the elegance of pure white with navy stripes. There’s room for decorative pillows of any size and shape on your lounge furniture. A matching umbrella nearby provides shade whether you’re chilling with guests or just lying down for a nap after a refreshing dip. Our Sunbrella® acrylic fabric is quick drying and mildew-, chlorine- and fade-resistant, so stretching out on your outdoor chaise right after toweling off is not a problem.

There really aren’t any limits to the color combinations you can work with to give your outdoor spaces tons of excitement. Looking for something that feels like Cancun? Play around with tropical tones like turquoise, blue, orange, yellow and red. Want a spa instead? Soothing greens, light blues and shades of brown lower your heart rate and invigorate you. Planters all around make a nice addition to a natural poolside, along with a bar or console table for refreshments.

If you have a dining table underneath an open-air pergola or covered porch with flowing curtains, chair cushions and table settings set the mood for the occasion. If the rest of the exterior features cool wood tones or smooth concrete underneath, one way to complement it is with navy or dark gray pillows. Orange brick or hewn surfaces look especially beautiful with gold lighting accents, terra cotta decor and Tuscan-inspired stoneware.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions. There are literally endless ways to add a rustic, modern or minimalist appearance to your outdoor dining area or conversation space. The most important thing is to use the furniture, decor, colors and themes that you love.