Sale Mirrors

Draw in outdoor light and reflect stunning style in your home with our sale mirrors available at Pottery Barn that will make your home a sanctuary. Mirrors are ideal for small spaces are they reflect light, making rooms appear larger. Mirrors are also functional pieces for every room in your house if you know where to mount or place them. Place wall mirrors across from windows to maximize the light that is reflected for an airy and bright space. Use a large wall mirror above a dresser for a stunning style piece that you can use to get ready in the mornings.

Use mirrors to draw light up and illuminate your space by picking out floor length mirrors that suit your style. Opt for a backlit mirror to create a glamorous space where you can review your outfit. Place floor length mirrors at a 90-degree angle to windows to add the appearance of corner windows and make your home seem brighter. Add rustic detailing with floor length mirrors featuring cast-iron or galvanized metal frames or add subtle shimmer with shell and mosaic mirrors. Add dimension with arched mirrors or by mixing and matching shapes and frames with your existing furniture.

Take your mirror game to the next level with accent mirrors that can be used in every room in your home. Add a large accent mirror above the sink in the bathroom to create a vanity that’s ideal for applying makeup or when shaving. Pair a variety of mirrors in different sizes and shapes in the living room to create an inspired wall look. Add an accent mirror in the entryway above bench seating to create the look of a large rectangular window and draw light into dark hallways.

If you are looking for mirrors that add style but also complete various jobs, opt for functional mirrors that can draw in light and serve as storage units. Select a wall-mounted jewelry mirror to store your jewelry and use the mirror to put individual pieces on easily. Opt for a mirror that features a clothing rack on the back so you can use it to toss on your outfit or outdoor gear easily before heading out the door. Choose an entryway mirror organizer that features hooks and shelves that you can use to store hats and keys. If you have an outdoor shower, seek out a mirrored shower shelf that you can use to hang towels and store bathroom essentials as well as decor.