Sale Wall Decor

Redesign your home or breathe new life into an existing style with the sale on wall decor we have available at Pottery Barn. Inspire your inner mermaid with beach themes featuring seashells and corals or add rustic vibes with antique frames and vintage sayings as wall decor. One of the easiest ways to liven up a room is to add wall mirrors that reflect light and make small spaces feel larger. Add a mirror in your bedroom above a desk or console table to create a vanity that serves as the ideal place to get ready in the morning.

Wall decor can be used to add design both inside and outside of your home. Welcome guests to your sanctuary by adorning your doors with wreaths. From all-natural designs featuring pinecones or twigs and olives to contemporary designs featuring glimmer and metal accents, you’ll find what you need right here. Our live wreaths are an ideal choice for special times of year such as the holidays or simply to add the scent of the great outdoors to your home. While wreaths are traditionally associated with front door decor, you can also use them inside to create beautiful wall murals or understated elegance when paired with muted furniture.

Add a personal touch to your wall decor by integrating picture frames throughout the rooms in your home. You can create a wall of family photos by mixing and matching picture frames to create an intriguing piece. Select standing frames to display your favorite vacation and family photos on console tables or windowsills. Add sparkle to any room with mosaic frames or go for inspired themes, such as beach- or woods-themed designs. Choose frames of varying heights and sizes to create dimension and work in numbers of three and five to create cohesion among all the separate pieces.

The beauty of wall decor is that it allows you to express a variety of style designs with simple choices without spending tons of money. Our decorative art is a first-rate way to express your style with everything from wall sayings and quotes to live plant decor. Opt for a live succulent garden that adds a stunning piece to any space and won’t require a lot of watering or maintenance. Select abstract art to create conversation pieces that your guests will love to admire. Metal and ceramic tiles add a southwestern touch and create texture in any room. Floral prints and cityscapes are easy ways to add decorative touches without breaking the bank.