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Whether you’re looking to update your current bathroom or rip it out and start from scratch, the vast selection of bath products we have at Pottery Barn covers every detail you’ll need from furniture and storage solutions to linens and bath accessories. With the sale bath items we have to offer, there’s no need to go over budget when creating the bathroom of your dreams.

A mini console frames your single sink perfectly, and the compact design is ideal if your bathroom is tight on space. Choose a stylish countertop material that matches the rest of your decor, such as Saint Francis limestone or Carrara marble. Add a splashboard to protect your walls from water damage and seal the wooden console with a protective moisture-resistant lacquer. A corner console is another notable space-saving idea for a small bathroom. For a spacious bathroom, go for a double-sink console and match the faucets to other hardware in your bathroom.

Maximize the storage space in your bathroom with a spacious cabinet underneath the sink. An adjustable shelf inside lets you store different-sized products easily. Alternatively, go for deep drawers with a shallow drawer directly under the sink to keep your everyday toiletries within easy reach. An extra shelf below these is the perfect place to keep folded towels or storage baskets that keep bath products neatly hidden away.

A ladder-style shelf is a nice feature that gives you somewhere to display ornamental items or bath accessories while the built-hamper underneath them is ideal for holding your wet towels ready for the laundry. A tall linen cubby with an open design lets you grab your towels and bathroom products quickly when you’re in a rush to get ready for work or go out in the evening. The attractive unit has adjustable shelving to accommodate different heights of bathroom products and accessories. To keep things looking even tidier, you can place pretty storage baskets on the shelves.

If you’d rather utilize your wall space instead of the floor, a wall storage cabinet is a good idea. A modular design lets you mix and match the components to suit your preferences and fill the desired amount of wall space. Choose from an open shelf unit, a cubby with adjustable shelves and medicine cabinets with doors that open either way. Have some privacy while you shower with a shower curtain. Tone the color in with your towels and bath mat or go for a fun, themed design, such as seashells and coral. Step out of the shower or bath onto a plush bath mat. It’s luxuriously soft underfoot and quickly absorbs the water.

Dry off with our luxurious signature Turkish cotton terry towels. Available in different weights, you can also choose between different border designs or sculpted patterns, such as chevrons or shells. For quick-drying, our Hydrocotton towels are incredibly absorbent. Add a personal touch with a monogram in the center of each towel. This also makes for a special housewarming gift. Get comfortable in an indulgent bathrobe that has faux fur trim. The plush material is soft against your skin, and the texture of the faux fur is sumptuous. Matching slippers keep your feet snug and warm too.

Add the finishing touches to your bathroom with a mirror above the sink to help when you do your makeup and hair. A sconce either side gives extra lighting where it’s needed the most. An articulated design lets you point it at the right angle. Choose a finish to match the rest of your bathroom hardware, such as brass, chrome, satin or polished nickel.

Keep your hair and makeup accessories neatly separated in stylish caddies, which feature a combination of drawers and cubbies. Hair styling products and nail care products look presentable and are easy to find when displayed in striking storage boxes. Don’t leave any detail overlooked. Even tissue boxes deserve some attention, and a monogrammed tissue box cover is decorative.