Sale Beds and Daybeds

A good night’s sleep is one of the biggest contributors to feeling healthy, happy and confident. When you’re rested, even bad days can be easier to handle. A luxurious bedroom that you love going into at the end of the day helps with achieving that great night of sleep. From wall art that makes you smile every time to see it, to a soft rug with a hearty pile height underneath your feet, stepping into your bedroom means it’s time to relax. Perhaps the most important piece in your bedroom is the bed itself. You outfit it with soft, comfortable bedding that helps you feel as if you’re snoozing on a cloud. A durable, comfortable bed promises many seasons of restful nights. From platform beds to storage beds, at Pottery Barn we offer many options when it comes to dressing the most important room in the home. If your budget is a bit constrained, shop sale beds and daybeds to get the look you want at a fraction of the cost.

Available in many different finishes, there’s sure to be a bed type that fits right into your decor scheme. Opt for a solid wood bed with a classically styled headboard and an espresso finish, or choose a storage bed with ample drawer space and a cherry finish. For a more romantic, opulent look, consider an upholstered headboard with an antique white color. Many choices and design ideas are available, with sale prices that make it easier to realize your bedroom set.

Most beds are also available in different sizes, so should you want a storage bed for your teenager’s room and a modern platform bed for the master bedroom, you can opt for different sizes, such as twin or queen. As there’s more to your room than simply a bed, there are also dressers, nightstands and bedroom storage solutions within the sale pages as well. Mix and match different styles for a modern, contemporary feel, or match certain finishes and collection items together to complete an ensemble. A bedside table is always an excellent addition to the bedroom, allowing you ample counter space to place a table lamp as well as providing extra storage for items you need close at hand, such as your watch, glasses or charging electronic devices. Some of the available bedside table selections also offer ample drawer or shelving space, giving you extra room to store toiletries, books and magazines or jewelry if you’re in need of storage solutions.