Sale Lighting $299 & Under

Size isn’t the only thing that determines which elements stand out in a room. True, sectionals and coffee tables often get a lot of attention, and rightly so. But comparatively small accent pieces can take your design layout to the next level. Sometimes it’s not just a coffee table itself but a whole vignette of candles, sculptures, pottery and photographs that come together to leave your guests breathless. Does having all of those options to choose from make it harder to decorate? Not at all. Instead, they give you more possibilities. Turning the design in your mind into something tangible is really easy. Artwork, place settings, colorful pillows and light fixtures all have major flair wrapped into an extremely versatile package; a lot like the punch of flavor you get from freshly-brewed Italian espresso. At Pottery Barn, we want to help you show off your signature style. What can our sale lighting $299 and under do for your living room, bedroom, dining room, game room or other home space? Here are a few ideas.

One benefit of lighting is ambience. Other furniture can also contribute to the rustic, industrial, traditional or artistic atmosphere of a space, but light fixtures have an especially strong connection with the way you feel when walking into the room. How do they pull it off? One way has to do with the color of the light distributed throughout the home. Golden tones tend to make a room seem warmer. They’re great for creating a Tuscan-inspired family-style dining experience. They also complement a cozy fireplace in helping you to close your eyes and unwind. Shades of crimson, rich wood elements, stone accents and exposed brick all harmonize beautifully with this kind of lighting.

Cool white lights have kind of the opposite effect. They feel liberating and spacious. A smaller room seems physically larger with a lot of bright light. This impression is even stronger when paired with mirrors in different spots nearby. Mirrors give the illusion of having an entirely separate room connected next to a sofa or sectional. They even make hallways look wider as you walk along, not to mention the awesome style of a full-length mirror at the end of the passage. Since the reflective surfaces help shine light throughout the entire space, the whole room is bright and cheery; perfect for entertaining. In a dining room, a long wall mirror practically doubles the beauty of a breathtaking chandelier, allowing guests to observe it from all sides.

The light fixtures you choose can also complement a period theme. Both the kind of light they give out and the design of the fixture itself plays a part in this. It’s hard not to feel like you’re sipping on a martini and listening to Ella Fitzgerald with a golden pendant hanging from the ceiling, for example. This adds a ton of personality above your bar counter or game room pool table, especially if you have leather furniture to go along with it. That’s just one example of course; light fixtures are extremely versatile, and can help you bring the elegance of the Victorian age to life just as easily, or transport you to a beachside balcony instead. Venice, Rome, Crete, London, Milan, Tokyo or Miami: they’re all within reach.

The contours and tones of light fixtures can actually be works of art on their own. This is easy to see in the intricate crystals and curves of a brilliant chandelier, which stands out magnificently anywhere: a spacious foyer, in the middle of a romantic bedroom or in an ensuite bathroom. But did you know that even floor lamps can be artistic? They’re a favorite addition to minimalist interior designs thanks to sleek lines, dark tones and a vertical profile. Use table lamps, wall sconces and pendant groups with some special detail to express yourself creatively and tell people a little bit about your travels and tastes in art, literature and music.

Sometimes practical is good too. Whether reading a book or entertaining, it’s not just the quality of the light that’s important but also the quantity. When everyone has enough light, they feel relaxed and love to talk.