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Sale Organization

There’s a certain level of pride that goes along with showing off the time and energy you put into creating a beautiful home. Installing an organization system throughout your home helps you keep your home looking and feeling its best always. From storage baskets to full wall organization systems, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your home in order. At Pottery Barn, we are pleased to provide you with a full range of sale organization merchandise from which to choose. Available in various colors, prints and designs, you can find organizational products to match the theme in every room throughout your home with ease.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere result with the right entryway organization essentials. Placing one of the coat and shoe racks we offer within our sale organization collection in your entryway prevents unnecessary clutter. Setting up an umbrella rack offers a convenient location for storing rainy day necessities without tracking water throughout your home. Hanging decorative shelves and mirrors with attached hooks offer an ideal spot for those intricate decorative details for the room and a secure place for storing hats, scarves and other outdoor accessories.

Baskets provide a focal point within a room while serving as organizational essentials. Placing a larger wicker basket in a living room or child’s playroom is the ideal way to store children’s or pet toys when not in use. Filling a basket with towels, washcloths and bathing essentials works well in guest bathrooms. Lining a bookcase with canvas storage baskets make storing extra linens, clothing and other items a breeze. Storage baskets in the sale organization collection we have work for organizing laundry rooms by holding detergents, hangers and ironing necessities.

Keeping your jewelry and personal items safe results with the use of jewelry boxes and trays. Concealed jewelry boxes keep your precious gems out of sight from prying eyes. Setting a jewelry tray or catchall on your dresser or nightstand gives you a convenient place to set bracelets, watches, cuff links, earrings and other jewelry pieces when you retire at the end of a long day. Divided valets with velvet lining protect cellphone screens, iPods and watches from being scratched while charging the battery. Protect your jewelry from going down the drain by placing a jewelry tray next to your kitchen sink or on the bathroom counter.

Entertaining guests takes on a new meaning when having serving trays at your disposal. Wooden serving trays with fold-down legs offer a comforting appearance. Set flat-bottom serving trays on your kitchen counter for holding spices or displaying decorative accents in your living room or bedroom when not in use. The compact size of the trays allows for easy storage when not in use.

From living rooms to home offices, we offer the wall organization accessories to keep everyone on track. Calendars, peg boards and whiteboards allow you to post schedules, place important memos and relay other information in an organized manner. Our cubby shelves with hooks serve multiple purposes. Showcasing framed photos, hanging keys and securing personal items are all reasons for placing the shelves in your home.

Staying organized when you go out is possible with our many options of totes with our sale organization collection. With deep pockets and secure closures, you can feel confident that you have all your necessities when out and about. The totes we offer are made from quality materials that are designed to withstand tough conditions. With the stylish look and plenty of design options, you can always find the tote that complements your fashion sense and personality. Traveling overnight or away on business for a few days? Our weekender bags and luggage sets ensure all of your belongings travel securely. With generous-sized pockets for storing toiletries and hard casings for protecting laptop computers or electronic devices of your choosing, the weekender bags and luggage pieces ensure all of your travel essentials arrive at your destination in one piece.

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