Dining Furniture

Expand your dining horizons by moving your feast outdoors during the milder months. Not only will your indoor spaces get a break, you’ll also use and enjoy your garden, deck, patio and poolside areas far more when you have solid, weather-resistant outdoor tables for mealtimes and socializing. While serving guests and loved ones you don’t need to fuss over your best china and stemware when you order sturdy outdoor tabletop serving and dining utensils that are made for the great outdoors. There are drinkware sets that look just like glass but aren’t as fragile. Dinnerware sets with coordinating plates and bowls are elegant enough for important guests, while serving platters give you plenty of space to pile on the grilled specialties of the house.

If your outdoor dining area is poolside, have plenty of beach towels and totes available for guest swimmers and family members with lots of stuff to bring outside. Totes are great for carrying sunscreen and sunglasses and for the inevitable end-of-party, loose-item collection effort. Use one of our umbrellas to shade a dining table on hot days or where bright sunlight is an issue. Umbrellas give your dining areas a finished, resort vibe and they give you more flexibility in locating your backyard dining spots.