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Sale Outdoor Furniture Covers

A custom outdoor furniture arrangement is a thing of beauty. You’ve found the type of furniture that represents your personality well, chosen distinctive side tables and a coffee table with just the right flair and even figured out the decorations that bring everything together just the way you like it. Few things are more satisfying than looking upon your handiwork and clapping yourself on the back for an amazing masterpiece, especially when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor by kicking your feet up and taking in an amazing afternoon sky. At Pottery Barn, we want you and your family to be able to share moments like that for a long time. That’s why we use high-quality materials to create furniture that lasts. Our sale on outdoor furniture covers can help you protect your entire outdoor collection in several ways.

Outdoor furniture covers focus on three main avenues of protection: sun, soil and moisture. Now, our furniture - especially those covered with Sunbrella® fabric - is designed to resist these factors inherently. However, furniture covers offer another layer of protection to ensure that your dining set, sectional, sofa, chairs and other pieces stay just as beautiful as the day they first arrive.

What dangers does the sun pose to furniture? Mainly fading. Bright colors are extremely attractive and grab your attention right away. A carefully chosen color combination breathes life into the backyard and gives it a specific vibe, such as Mediterranean, beach, country club or spa. Sunbrella® fabric resists fading very well when your furniture is in use. If you’re heading away on vacation, a furniture cover keeps those colors strong during even extended periods of time.

We know that you keep your house, yard and garage clean. In any natural setting, blown dust and soil are a fact of life. True, it’s not hard to brush it off with your hand or a cloth. However, if you want to store your furniture for a while, a cover eliminates the need for cleaning afterward. Outdoors, that means you don’t have to worry about leaves, twigs, dropped fruit or berries and other bird-related soils. Zero cleaning means more time for fun.

Our outdoor furniture can handle a little rain no problem. Poolside furniture is designed to get wet and dry quickly so you can focus on major relaxation. In fact, our Sunbrella® cushions are even resistant to chlorine and mildew. With a fabric cover, you can rest easy even during downpours. If space issues dictate that you have to keep your furniture outdoors during the winter, many homeowners like the security provided by a solid weatherproof barrier. Keeping moisture out of wood is very important in a freeze and thaw environment. When you’re ready to enjoy breakfast outdoors, your furniture is ready too.