Rugs and Windows

Put the finishing touches on rooms from top to bottom with rugs and window treatments from Pottery Barn in fresh new patterns and colors. Adorn boring walls with rich red paisley draperies at windows and spread a tile-patterned mocha rug or a Hanover Persian Rug on a dull floor. The Duncan and Durban rugs are also good matches for vivid patterned curtains. Highlight colors from drapes or rugs with decor and pillows in those same colors. Pillows in Persian, Ottoman and other prints make even neutral seating and bedding shine with style. If you’re ready to go black and white meet your floor in the middle with a gray patterned or woven rug. There are several styles in various shades of silvery gray with eco-friendly choices too.

Other finishing touches include tasteful room lighting fixtures that aren’t too glaring or too dim. Task lights and Ken Fulk sconces help direct light wherever you need it on desks, craft tables and over reading areas, while other floor lamp and table lamp designs offer modern styling and technology with vintage appeal. A quick check over your serving supplies will give you inspiration for tabletop accents you may need. Dramatic clam shell and starfish serving bowls will give outdoor buffets a seaside vibe and cheeky lemon tumbler glasses make hot days more fun. There are ample holiday pillows and tabletop items for all seasons, from nature-inspired plates to elegant decanters and stemware.