Sale Rugs

A painting is much more than a bunch of colors and lines on paper. Each brush stroke works together with the rest to produce a beautiful image. The way you decorate your home is similar. Everything you choose affects a room’s overall vibe. It can be bright and energetic, or profound and intimate. Artwork, decorative objects, bedding, furniture and rugs all contribute to the whole. At Pottery Barn, we know that you probably already have a design theme in mind for your living room, bedroom, dining room or another spot in your home. Our goal is to help you reach it. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few ways to use our sale rugs to put the finishing touches on your dream space.

If you need a rug for a romantic bedroom layout, focus on warm tones to create an inviting atmosphere in the room. A rug with intricate patterns transports you to Paris among the city lights and shining stars. Ornate paintings, golden lighting and richly-toned wood furniture all add to the emotion. Wool rugs with shades of red, brown or green are a natural choice, but you can go with any deep hue that matches your bedroom color palette.

Persian rugs provide tons of opulence for a traditional or Victorian-style living room. In many cases, a brightly colored rug acts as the central accent piece in the room, so it grabs your attention without needing other decorative highlights nearby. Crystal chandeliers, period pieces and furniture with detailed moldings enhance the sensation of elegance and royalty.

Neutral rugs are wonderful in minimalist and open-concept layouts. They’re simple, powerful and direct. The edges subtly suggest the edges of different parts of the room, such as a conversation area, a spot for family entertainment or a formal dining room. If you want to make a stronger distinction, use rugs with a thick border. They don’t need match each other, but it helps if they follow a similar theme in some way.

To create a traveler’s space - whether a private office, a nook for reading or a spa-like bathroom - just for you, focus on natural tones. Rugs made from jute or sisal have an adventurous spirit and soothing tones. Their woven fibers are bright and relaxing, telling you that it’s OK to dream and explore. Wood furniture, handmade decor and any artwork that inspires you is a welcome addition to this fresh ambience.

These are just a few examples of the possibilities rugs hold for your home. There’s no reason to associate a specific rug style exclusively with elegant, modernist or rustic decor. A Persian rug works just as well in traditional dining rooms as in bedrooms that are trendy or even 1970s retro. The bottom line is that you should take the ideas you like, pick out rugs you love, experiment and create your signature look.