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Side Tables Under $299

Add style and functionality to any room in your home while saving money with our side tables under $299 available at Pottery Barn. Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style or function. Our tables offer a range of shapes from rectangular and square to round and oval to fit your specific design space. Whether you’re decorating one room in the house or the entire place, you’ll find what you need right here at great prices. Instantly dress up your living room with side tables that add surfaces for decor, family photos and storage.

Our console tables are a great addition to living, dining and bedrooms. You can use the console table to display several family photos in the bedroom, decorative objects in the living room or fine china in the dining room. Add a contemporary look with metal framing, or go for rustic, old-world charm with cast iron bases. Our wood console tables provide sturdy support and come in finishes including mahogany and chestnut to match your existing furniture. Opt for a console table with several shelves to increase your storage space, or keep it simple and make the room appear larger with one shelf.

Our side tables can also take the place of or complement coffee tables depending on the space requirements in your home. If you are short on space, opt for two side tables instead of a coffee table to add symmetry and surface area for your belongings. If you have a larger room, you can mix and match coffee tables and side tables to meet your budget and design needs. Add art deco design with geometric bases that create an artistic look, or go for a European inspired look with X-shape bases that invoke English heritage furniture.

Our side tables can be used in the bedroom as bedside tables to create surface space for everything from phones to lamps. Add two matching tables for symmetry or go for a funky vibe with two mismatched tables for an intriguing look. Opt for a side table with drawers that can hold precious contents such as jewelry and watches or items you’d like to keep hidden including remote controls and charging cables. Nesting tables are versatile and ideal for small spaces as you can tuck them into each other for an organized look without taking up a lot of floor space.

Side tables are versatile enough to be used as entryway tables so you can drop off your things right when you walk in the door. Choose a tall, round table to tuck into a corner, and add an elegant piece of furniture that your houseguests will admire. If you want more storage for your entryway, pair square side tables with bins and baskets so you can store shoes and cold weather clothes in a neat and organized way. You can also use side tables to create a put together entryway by adding a bench that you can use to easily put on your outerwear before heading out the door.

Since side tables are so versatile, they can be paired with a variety of other furniture pieces to create the look you need in any room. Side tables are ideal for use in the home office, and can be paired with modular furniture to create the perfect seating area to meet with clients or as a nook where you can go over your resources. Opt for a modular bookcase that you can use to store books and encyclopedias, and pair it with a side table and task lamp to create a cozy corner where you can get things done.