Lighting Sale

Lighting can completely change the feel of a space. With the right lighting type and placement, you can highlight your home's best features, minimize less desirable features and draw attention to decorative elements like wall art. In our lighting sale, you'll find great deals on all types of indoor and outdoor lighting. Choose from hard-wired and plug-in lamps, chandeliers, lanterns and pendants. Shop today and transform your home's atmosphere with lighting from Pottery Barn.


Chandeliers are important investments, as they're used to illuminate the most stunning features of your home - like a curving staircase, a beautiful dining room table or a grand entryway. Browsing our lighting sale is a great way to stay on top of new chandelier styles and trends so your home will always be updated.


You'll find dozens of lamps in our clearance section, from accent lamps to table lamps to floor lamps. Some lamps are available as separate pieces (a base and a shade), so you can mix and match different styles to create custom looks.


Wall sconces have many indoor and outdoor uses. Use them to highlight wall art, illuminate your porch or accentuate your deck. Wall sconces also make great alternatives to table lamps on small bedside tables. Simply mount the sconce on the wall above the nightstand to free up space on the table top. Our lighting sale usually includes several styles of wall sconce that can be purchased individually or in sets of two.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, allowing you to achieve unique lighting effects that reflect your personality. Large globe pendants make a bold statement, while pendants with exposed bulbs work well with industrial or minimalist decor. Groupings of pendant lights look great over kitchen islands and console tables, while a single pendant can provide focused lighting over a desk or other task-oriented area.

Holiday-Themed Lighting

The months following the festive season are an excellent time to stock up on holiday-themed lamps and chandeliers for the next year. Currently in our lighting sale, you'll find our Galvanized Tree Ambient Lamp, which makes the perfect coffee table centerpiece for a rustic living room and our Rustic Star Indoor/Outdoor Pendant, which also works as an all-season decorative accent.

From table lamps to outdoor wall sconces, our clearance section has what you need to illuminate any space. Shop our lighting sale to discover bright ideas for the living room, patio, home office or entryway.