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Elegant Beaded Glass Lighting

Add sophisticated style to your foyer, dining room, bedroom or other living space with elegant beaded glass lighting. Designed to reflect light and create a sparkle you won't find with other types of fixtures, beaded glass is a spectacularly dramatic addition to any room.

Beaded Glass Lighting: Chandeliers

Choose a cascading, faceted glass crystal chandelier to create a dazzling display for your formal dining room, a beautiful bronzed metal chandelier with droplet-style beads for a more whimsical look, or a simple-but-elegant crystal ring chandelier to complement modern or industrial decor. The beads will capture light - both natural and artificial - and reflect it throughout your space, lending an impressive glow and striking contrast.

For modern, contemporary design, look at satin nickel, chrome and bronze finishes to complement the glass beads. In a space that lends itself toward industrial, you'll want a rustic bronze finish as well. For more classically designed rooms, a silver leaf finish or hand-painted iron may be the right choice to hang over your dining room table or in the center of your bedroom.

Beaded Glass Pendants

A beaded glass pendant, which is different from a chandelier because it typically features a central bulb (whereas chandeliers typically feature multiple bulbs), may be the best choice in your space. Ideal for dining rooms, foyers and other spaces where people will gather, this type of beaded glass lighting can create a unique look that you, your family and your guests will love. Many people choose beaded glass pendants to hang over a bed or a study space. Choose a beaded glass pendant light featuring beads draped from and secured to an iron frame for stability and style.

Bead Types

Technically called pendalogues if they're not rectangular prisms, the crystal beads featured on chandeliers are available in a variety of cuts and each creates a different look. Some of the most common pendalogue cuts include:

  • Baguette. Baguettes, which are also called colonial, are thin, rectangular cuts that are flat on one side and faceted on the other.
  • Cut ball. Cut ball pendalogues are globe-shaped and feature triangular facets.
  • French. French glass or crystal drops are pear-shaped. They're flat on one side and faceted on the opposite.
  • Hexagonal prism. Hexagonal prism pendalogues are long and thin and they feature six-pointed tips cut at an angle.
  • Icicle. These glass beads are just what you'd expect - they're long, pointed and thin.
  • Kite. Kite-shaped pendalogues usually feature several small facets on all sides.
  • Octagon. Octagon glass beads have eight sides and typically make use of matching facets.
  • Square stone. These four-sided drops are often faceted to look like a letter X, but they may have prism-cut ends instead.
  • Swedish drop. Wide, almond- or pear-shaped crystals are called Swedish drops, and they usually feature diamond-shaped facets.

With the right beaded glass lighting, you can transform any space into a warm, welcoming showplace that you and your guests will enjoy spending time in. By choosing a chandelier that fits your decorative style and helps you reach your design goals, you'll be able to create a look you'll love.