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Brass Bar Accessories Designed to Delight

Brass bar accessories are the perfect addition to your home bar. From beautiful pitchers to shiny cocktail shakers, brass barware features clean lines and stunning, modern design. Brass - a manmade metal that blends copper and zinc - has a lighter finish than copper and creates a warm, rich glow.

Brass Shakers

Brass cocktail shakers are tremendously popular. Designed to delight, these types of shakers feature stainless steel linings that are perfect for mixing martinis, margaritas and more. Cocktail shakers are a must-have for any bar - and monogramming adds an excellent personal touch, particularly if you're giving one as a gift.

Brass Ice Buckets

Brass and copper ice buckets can be as attractive as they are functional. Choose a lidded set that comes with tongs so you can fill your cocktail glasses quickly and efficiently. Pick a bucket that features a steel liner and the right dimensions - for most purposes, you need one that holds between 2 and 4 quarts. Have your ice bucket personalized with a monogram to add undeniable flair to your home bar.

Pitchers as Bar Accessories

Ideal for a wide range of beverages, from lemonade to margaritas, a pitcher is a necessity for a well-stocked bar. Find one with a stainless steel liner to keep your favorite drinks at just the right temperature for serving.

Brass Wine Bottle Coolers

If you're serving white, rosé or sparkling wines, you'll need a brass wine bottle cooler on-hand - it'll keep your wine at just the right temperature to lift delicate aromas and acidity and prevent flavor dulling. Choose a wine bucket with double-walled insulation to ensure your ice lasts as long as possible while maintaining a steady temperature inside.

Brass Drink Coasters

Your collection of brass bar accessories wouldn't be complete without brass drink coasters that you and your guests will love. Choose coasters that feature an indented well and smooth rims that help contain moisture while protecting your bar furniture from rings. Opt for brass coasters that come with a stand for convenience and choose monogramming to personalize these must-haves. Complete your collection with a bottle coaster, which allows you to cradle a standard-sized wine bottle for serving while collecting moisture and protecting your tabletops. Brass coasters make an excellent housewarming or holiday gift because they're a necessity for entertaining.

Serve your guests in style with beautiful brass bar accessories from Pottery Barn, where you'll find everything you need for entertaining your closest friends or your entire extended family.