Glass Bar Accessories for All Occasions

The right bar and drinkware accessories can enhance your entertaining and lend a unique touch to your table. Always elegant, glass is a top material of choice for many different types of bar accessories, including pitchers, dispensers and decanters. It allows you to see exactly what sort of beverage is inside while keeping the drink fresh and preserving or even improving its taste and aroma. Pottery Barn carries a selection of glass bar accessories that make a fantastic complement to our glassware collections. Here is an overview of what you will find.

Versatile Pitchers and Dispensers

Keep refills within easy reach with drink dispensers that suit your entertaining style. Great for casual get-togethers, pitchers and dispensers make it easy to serve others and encourage guests to serve themselves, which inevitably leads to intermingling and conversation. Our 100% recycled glass pitchers are perfect for serving large batches of sangria or lemonade, while our dispensers let you serve up refreshing, fruit-infused custom beverages of your choice. Glass gives pitchers and dispensers a casual yet elevated feel that will lend your parties an extra touch of style and class.

Sophisticated and Functional Decanters

Decanters are typically used to encourage oxidation and to remove sediments from wine, which improves the wine's flavor and aroma. A proper wine decanter is an important addition to any collection of wine accessories. In addition to wine, decanters are also popularly used to display and serve whiskey, bourbon, scotch and sherry. Glass craftsmanship enhances the appeal of the decanters and beautifully showcases the wine or spirit inside. Available in unique shapes and designs, our glass decanters can serve as an elegant accent to your bar or tabletop.

Additional Accessories for Entertaining

If you like to entertain at home, then a few additional glass bar accessories can make it even easier to serve your guests and keep the beverages flowing. Pick up a set of charming glass coasters to match your other new glass accessories and a decorative glass ice bucket that you can set right in the middle of the table to make sure no one runs low on ice. A carafe is also a handy piece of serveware that you can use to store and keep milk fresh or to serve juice for younger guests at dinner parties.

Glass bar accessories have both a practical and aesthetic purpose. They are available in a range of styles and designs, making it easy to find one that will allow you to serve up all of your favorite beverages and add a bit of extra style to your bar or tabletop at the same time. Discover the perfect bar accessories for your home at Pottery Barn.