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Illuminate Your Patio With a Large Outdoor Floor Lantern

Bring the most beautiful kind of drama to your patio or deck with a large outdoor floor lantern. These majestic decor elements allow you to include large proportions while directing a lighting scene that flickers gently amid your outdoor furniture or landscape. Outfit yours with flame or LED candles to keep the glow going or use them as cloches to exhibit your favorite tokens from nature, like shells, flowers or branches. Mix-and-match large outdoor floor lantern styles for an eclectic look or keep it harmonious with a singular style.

What Is An Outdoor Lantern?

Outdoor lanterns are traditional ways of illuminating patios, decks, walkways and outdoor sitting areas or passages. The classic lamp is almost always a candle lantern, although you can find plenty of modern takes on the concept at Pottery Barn.

  • The overall profile of a lantern is tall and either domed or capped with a decorative top that usually includes a hook, a loop or other hanging device.
  • If you select the style that holds a candle, you may place the candle into the lantern through a door on one side of the lantern or by removing the top and securing it again.
  • Look for instantly recognizable lantern silhouettes that feature a sloped dome top and tapered base. This shape has been popular for centuries and stays current thanks to updated finishes.
  • A large outdoor floor lantern may be oversized to make a statement or can include styles that range in size for clusters of matching decor.

Creating a Mood for Your Outdoor Space

As outdoor living becomes more popular as a lifestyle, different types of outdoor lighting become available to stylish homes. Discover which types of lighting appeal to you and your family the most by considering a medley of styles to place throughout your yard, entryway and dining or entertaining areas.

  • Many people love the floating look of hanging lanterns. Choose a lantern that has a study loop to hang safely from a hook or branch.
  • Complement your large outdoor floor lantern with smaller lanterns in the same style or by anchoring key points of your porch or deck with the same large lamp. This is a high-impact way of decorating that looks good during all seasons.
  • Choose your candles to help set the mood, too. While a large pillar candle is noteworthy, you may also enjoy certain scents or experiment with different candle heights.

Have fun with other outdoor lighting that may show off your floor lanterns. String lights, globes and other illumination create a decor balance that gives your yard a unique feel for all who join you.