Mantel Decorations for a Stylish Living Room

Give your living room a fresh look with mantel decorations. At Pottery Barn, you'll find a variety of stylish pieces that work well on mantels and shelves. These decorative objects come in an array of styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Choosing Mantel Decorations

There are all kinds of accent items that can be placed on the mantel. Pottery Barn has mantel decor in a wide variety of colors and styles and new pieces are added regularly. Some of the options to consider include:

  • Beach-Inspired Accents: Bring the beauty of the ocean to your home with beachy mantel decor. Choose a sculpture that's made to look like ocean coral or fill a clear vase with miniature resin starfish. An oversized driftwood branch is another piece you may want to consider for this look.
  • Candles and Candleholders: Candles are a great addition to any mantel or shelf because they add a warm, romantic glow to the space. Opt for a set of unscented taper candles and place them in crystal candle holders or consider a pillar candle inside a glass hurricane candle holder.
  • Festive Signs: Another way to accent your mantel is with a hand-painted sign that reflects the season or coordinates with your design style. You can prop the sign on the mantel and lean it against the wall or mount it on the wall directly above the mantel.

You can go for a theme when decorating the mantel, or you can create an eclectic look by grouping different objects together. For example, you could combine the beach-inspired objects with a set of candles in a coordinating color. If you want to give your mantel a personal touch, consider adding a few framed photographs.

Other Living Room Accents

These ideas are just a few possibilities to consider when decorating your living room. There are lots of other ways to bring visual interest to the mantel area. For example, you could wrap string lights around a garland and drape it across the mantel, or you could hang a mirror and sconces directly above the mantel for an elegant look.

Browse the selection of mantel decorations to find an array of stylish options. You might also want to check out other accents for the living room, such as area rugs and window treatments. Pottery Barn also has plenty of decorative wall hangings that include framed prints in every artistic style.