Open Up Your Space With an Oversized Mirror

One of the best ways to make a space appear larger and more open is with a mirror. Usually, the larger the mirror, the more it gives the appearance of a bigger, airier space. If you live in a place where space is at a premium, an oversized mirror placed on your living area wall can make a big difference, as the reflection can elongate the room. This illusion can serve you well in pretty much any room in the house, from hallways to bedrooms to the bathroom. Read on to discover the benefits of an oversized mirror from Pottery Barn.

Kinds of Mirrors

Round or rectangular, plain or with a decorative frame, we've got a great selection of mirrors that will serve your home well, not only in function but also in design. Here's a sneak peek of the oversized mirrors we have to offer:


Add personality and texture to your walls with our set of two wood gear mirrors that can do double-duty as wall art, or over your dresser for hair styling or quick changes. Go for a more gallery feel with our Isabella mirrors that feature different-shaped mirrors set in colored and distressed mango wood frames.


To really bring dimension to your space, consider our Brinkley mirror made of four square mirrors enclosed in a simple black pine frame. This beauty is perfect hung above a hallway console for those quick touchups before you head out the door, or strategically placed over the fireplace mantel.

For those who use the bathroom to get ready, our Kensington pivot mirror with tilting function is ideal for close inspection and makeup application, while lending a sleek, designer look to the room.

Get the best of both worlds with a gorgeous round beveled mirror boasting silver gilt edging and a bold black frame that adds both class and function to your space.

Versatile and Complementary

Not only does our versatile oversized mirrors help with spatial relations in your home, they are highly functional while adding character and personality. Treat them as a handy tool for dressing and styling, as wall art, or to open up your space - or all three! Check out our extensive living area decor to pair with your new mirror; we've got a wide range of botanicals, decorative objects and several lighting solutions that will help your place look its very best. Shop today and get ready for a whole new home decor experience.