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Spruce Up Your Space With a Writing Desk from Pottery Barn

In today's modern age, sitting down to write personal or business correspondence likely means opening up your laptop or composing on your tablet. What hasn't changed is the fact that you still need a place to write that letter or take care of business even if you don't have an executive desk at the ready. With a writing desk from Pottery Barn, you can give yourself ample room to work while adding essential style to your home.

Use this guide to learn more about the unique writing desk styles you can find online and in-store today. Even if you don't plan to break out the quill and inkwell, a sturdy, stylish writing desk can bring a lot of visual appeal to any room in your home.

What Kinds of Writing Desks Can I Buy?

Taking on extra work once you're away from the office, browsing your favorite social media feed, playing computer games or helping your kids with homework all require workspace. With our selection of writing desks, you can find an elegant solution whether you need an ultra-small option or extra storage is on your mind. Here are a few go-to styles you can find at Pottery Barn right now:

  • Reclaimed and salvaged wood desks. Ideal for adding classic or vintage-inspired style to your room, reclaimed and salvaged wood desks come in tons of sizes, styles and colorways. Look for one that fits your space and matches with your existing decorative elements like chairs, sofas or your floors.
  • Modern metal and glass styles. Create a modern paradise in your home with a sleek, contemporary writing desk from Pottery Barn. Featuring clean lines and simple, sophisticated setups, our modern metal and glass writing desks come with or without drawers to help you get the look you want and the functionality you need.
  • Multi-drawer desks. If you're outfitting a home office area or you know you're going to need a lot of storage, multi-drawer desks are an ideal option. Available with one to six drawers, multi-drawer styles come in wood, metal and classic white styles that will work in almost any room. Choose your size and get to work!

Give yourself a stylish space to work and spruce up your decor with a new desk designed for writing from Pottery Barn. You can also shop our selection of home office and storage essentials like shelving, file cabinets, desk chairs and entire modular home office systems.