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4 Tips for Styling a

Coffee Table

4 Tips for Styling a Coffee Table

Do you wish you knew the secret of perfectly curated coffee table? Do you want to know how to take half a dozen, seemingly unrelated items and make them look as if they were made to go together? If so, wish no more! We at Pottery Barn promise you’ll have the inspiration to put together a perfectly curated coffee table in no time with these four coffee table decor ideas!

Be Selective and Take Your Time

While you can certainly buy up the first dozen knickknacks that catch your eye, they may not give you a cohesive coffee table, let alone a true reflection of your style.

Styling a coffee table isn’t a project you have to complete in a day. Give yourself some time to find pieces that you really want. It’s ok to be picky! The coffee table is often the center of your living room, so use it to display items that you truly enjoy looking at every day.

Utilize Other Elements in the Room

In order to look “styled” and not thrown together, your coffee table pieces need some sort of commonality. The color scheme of your living room can be a great help in achieving cohesiveness in your coffee table design. Choosing even just one or two items that match your scheme can bring all of the accessories together with the rest of the room.

But there are more ways than just color to make your pieces fit the room. Take textures and materials for example. Is the hardware in your living room silver, brass or brushed nickel? Try using decor of the same material on your coffee table. A large brass candlestick will look right at home when there’s already an element of brass somewhere in the room.

Think about the artwork on your walls as well. If you have a seascape or some other beachy scene, place seashells or a piece of coral on your coffee table. Artwork featuring horses might inspire you to have an equine sculpture or figurine prancing across your coffee table.

Add Interest with Variety

To create a coffee table design that catches the eye, think about choosing elements of different sizes. Several candlesticks or tall vases can provide height, while a low tray grounds the vignette and provides a handy base for medium-sized accessories like a stack of books or a few sparkly geodes.

While you’re selecting pieces, think about the different shapes you’re utilizing. If you have a rectangular table, it may seem most obvious to use rectangular shapes like books, trays and decorative boxes. If you want to go for a more unique look, consider using a round tray or a large decorative bowl. Alternately, try rectangular pieces to give a round table a more dynamic vibe.

If your coffee table has two levels with a space for baskets or books underneath, try making the lower level a part of your styling too. Again, this can add visual interest to your table.

Go Natural

If you still feel as if your coffee table styling is missing something, try plants.  

Whether real or faux, a natural element like a vase of flowers or an arrangement of potted plants can instantly take a coffee table to completion. Adding plants to your coffee table doesn’t have to mean a lot of work on your part. You can choose low-maintenance plants like succulents that only need minimal watering, or opt for faux flowers for the same look without the fuss.    

On the other hand, caring for a plant can be a rewarding routine. You might enjoy the simple daily act of watering plants, or the task of refreshing the cut flowers in your vases every few days. No matter what sort of plant you try, they’re sure to add that extra something to complete your coffee table styling.