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4 Ways to Light Up Your Patio

4 Ways to Light Up Your Patio

Ready to bring your patio to life? Having a brightly lit outdoor space is a surefire way to make sure the fun doesn’t end just because the sun has set. Guests love outdoor spaces where they can mingle freely, relax and have a great time. And remember: you don’t need guests to find a reason to enjoy your outdoor space – you can do it up just because it’s Tuesday! Take a look at these outdoor patio lighting ideas to create a vibrant outdoor entertaining space for everyone. 

1. A Simple Solution

If you’re having a party, or even if you’re just relaxing out on your own deck or patio, arrange a group of lanterns, candles or string lights to set a festive mood. If it’s a low-key get-together, warm table lighting works well to urge guests to mingle and chat with each other well into the evening. Candles can definitely set the mood, and lanterns, glass hurricanes and flameless candles are a smart bet too; they stay glowing even if it’s breezy.

2. String Lights

String lighting provides such a vibrant and playful way to light up your patio space. These sparkling strands look gorgeous strung through a trellis or overhead. This provides enough light in order for guests to see each other and get around easily. You can also match colors to set the mood – for example, a warm evening as autumn approaches looks stunning with amber or orange lighting, while a cool spring evening is nicely complemented with blue, purple or green lights. Celebrating holidays such as the Fourth of July certainly calls for some red, white and blue. You can even repurpose your Christmas tree lights or outdoor lights from the previous year. And nothing says “party” like multicolored lights! 

3. Tiki Torches

Wake up your outdoor lighting and give your space a beachy vibe with fun and practical tiki torches. Depending on the type of tiki torches you're in the market for, you can opt for citronella torches that help keep insects away from your party if you need to. No matter what type of torches you choose, these work well to light up pathways, areas by pools and the deck or patio itself. If the ground is hard or you’re placing the torches on a patio where the surface is solid, you can set the torches in tin buckets filled with sand or gravel to anchor them securely.

4. Simple Candle Ideas

There are so many ways to use candles outdoors, especially if you’re crafty! You can use ready-made candleholders to make a centerpiece, or arrange a few candles of different sizes within a single glass lantern or hurricane. Add colored sand or a sprinkling of seashells to the arrangement or create a standalone centerpiece by floating a few tea lights in a serve bowl filled with water and flower petals. These are a great decorative addition to help add extra sparks of life to the party.