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5 Ways to Decorate

with Candles

5 Ways to Decorate with Candles

You’ve just finished redecorating. Everything is in place, but something’s missing. You scan the room, trying to find the missing piece to the puzzle, and it dawns on you: candles! It’s amazing how much these fabulous decorative objects can change the feel of a room. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas about decorating with candles, we at Pottery Barn are here to help.

Spice Things Up

There’s nothing quite like the scent of a fresh apple and cinnamon candle to make a person feel warm and cozy, especially on a brisk fall day. Adding a little spice and decor to a room is easy with the help of scented candles. Can’t find the right scent? Consider creating your signature scent with a duo or trio of individual fragrances. One of the best aspects of playing with individual scents is that you’re in control. If you don’t want to smell cinnamon today, that’s fine! Just light the apple candle alone, or combine it with another fruity scent to create an entirely new combination. Many people enjoy mixing up scents, and this technique comes in handy if you have a guest prefers a certain fragrance over another. You can go one step further by placing scented candles in attractive candleholders to elevate their look and appeal.

Make It Personal

If you only have a small space to decorate, it’s important to create an area that feels personal. Accenting a wall with candle sconces is a fun way to dress up a room without taking up floor space. Adding a decorative, yet functional, mirror to a wall is another great idea because the mirror amplifies the light.

Take Decorating to New Heights

It’s not practical to burn candles in rooms that are left unattended as the flames can pose a safety hazard. That’s why many people who have small children or pets in the home use flameless candles instead. Flameless candles come in all sorts of colors and sizes, so it’s easy to find ones that match your existing decor. Flameless candles are ideal to place on ledges and they flicker just like the real thing. It’s hard to tell the difference without getting up close and personal.

Play Dress Up

Candles are ideal for making a table look elegant and sophisticated. You may want to use pillar candles on dining tables during holidays when you need candles that burn for a relatively long period. If you want to set a romantic mood for a special date night, you may want to consider using long taper candles with a set of silver or crystal candleholders. Taper candles give off a decent amount of light. However, you may find that using taper candles with other forms of soft lighting will make it easier for your guests to see each other.

Set the Mood

It’s always nice to know that you can go home and relax after a long day. Place candles on the patio near your outdoor lounge furniture to create an atmosphere that’s both inviting and relaxing. When used as a countertop accessory or next to the bathtub, candles have a way of making any space feel like a relaxed oasis. Whether you want to entertain guests, read a book or simply listen to soothing music, decorating with candles gives you the ability to create a mood that is special and restorative.