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6 Cute and Easy Succulent Party Favors

6 Cute and Easy Succulent Party Favors

Succulent party favors are a simple, thoughtful touch that goes a long way. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, the birth of a new baby or hosting a spring brunch, succulents will bring life and cheer to your guests and their homes long after your party is over. Spruce up your next event with these cute favor ideas from Pottery Barn, along with some care tips for your beautiful blooms. 

Succulents 101

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. Succulents are resilient plants that thrive in dry conditions by storing water and nutrients in their leaves, then tap into their reserves during a drought — and they flourish in virtually any container with the appropriate drainage. If your container of choice doesn't have drainage holes, that's okay. Simply lay pebbles beneath the soil to allow the ideal amount of water to filter down.


Plant succulents in teacups and nestle some moss over the soil for a lovely bridesmaid gift – or baby shower party favor. Set atop a matching saucer to make it extra special.


Getting wedding ready? Plant succulents in small, clear vases to pass out after the rehearsal dinner, and add a card that reads "All Things Grow with Love" to subtly nod to the upcoming nuptials.

Candle Holders

Like glass vases, votive candle holders are ideal containers for mini succulent favors. Mercury candle holders feel luxe and vintage, while wood plays off the plant’s natural look – and either is perfect addition to a classic or country wedding favor, respectively.

Wine Glasses

Create fairy-sized landscapes with mini succulents in stemless wine glasses. Consider adding sand and seashells for a beachy look, or moss and a flameless votive candle for woodsy appeal.


Hosting brunch? Planting mini succulents in eggshells adds a festive, playful touch that's sure to get guests feeling springy. Simply crack the eggshell at the top to create a hole big enough for the egg to come out (and your plant to fit in).  Rinse the shell with water and soap, and scoop in a tablespoon of potting soil, the succulent and a little more dirt. Or, consider ceramic or plastic eggs as your container.

Show off your mini succulent favors on a deviled egg platter: these one-of-a-kind gifts can be displayed on the entryway console so your friends and family can grab one as the head out the door.

Terracotta Planters

Perfect for party favors and general gift giving alike, terra cotta pots look cool and are easy to decorate with. Give these planters a little extra oomph with things like paint, stencils and natural fibers. White and gold paint complement the richness of the red clay, and adhesive stencils allow you to paint with ease. For a rustic look, grab your hot glue gun and wrap natural twine around the planter's rim – or the whole thing.