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Impress with These 6 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Impress with These 6 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Decorating Easter eggs is such a fun tradition, especially because you can make the designs you create as simple or as detailed as you like – it’s a really great opportunity to let your creativity shine. While egg decorating can be as easy as dipping the eggs in a cup of pastel dye for a pretty touch of color, you can gain even more satisfaction from the task when you unleash your imagination. This year, go ahead and make your real, ceramic or plastic eggs sparkle and look stunningly festive on your Easter table.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Children

A batch of friendly bunnies, chicks, cats and dogs smiling out from a decorative basket become a great centerpiece for your table. To get started, spread out some waxed paper to protect the tabletop and put an apron on to protect clothing.
Glittery Easter bunny and chick eggs start with a simple dyed egg, but plastic and ceramic eggs also work. Spray one side of the egg with a light layer of craft glue and then dip the glued side in iridescent glitter. Put the egg on the waxed paper to dry before repeating on the other side of the egg. Finish the project by gluing craft foam or construction paper features, like bunny ears, eyes and a nose or a tiny beak on the egg. Let it dry again, and then paint features such as whiskers and a smile.
Dyed and painted smiley critter eggs let your kids experiment with paint or markers by drawing animal faces or the entire animal on a colored egg. For an extra-fun touch, let your child look at the photo of an animal for inspiration, and then display the unique Easter eggs in front of the picture.

Marbled Masterpieces

Marbled eggs are created by soaking the eggs in dye to get a light base color you like. Then, mix up a darker color and pour a tablespoon of olive oil or cooking oil into the darker dye cup. The oil floats on top. Mix it, and while the oil swirls on top, gently dip the egg in the oily dye. If needed, to cover the egg with dye, roll it in the mix once. Take the egg out and put it on a paper towel-covered serving plate or bowl to dry. Gently blot the egg to remove the oil after the dye has time to dry.

Sparkle and Shine

Bright glittered eggs sparkle and glimmer, and they come together so easily. Like the glittery bunny and chick eggs, start out by spraying half the egg with glue, but make it a heavier layer of glue, and then dip the glued side in brightly colored glitter. Let it dry and then repeat on the other side.

Quicker Stickers

Paint and decal eggs aren’t ideal for eating, so it is ideal to use either blown eggs or plastic eggs for this style. Put the eggs on your waxed paper that you put down to protect your tablecloth, and then use matte finish paint to coat the shell with a lightly textured finish. Let the paint dry, and then choose small decals or stickers that provide an elegant, spring-themed touch. Apply them all over the painted surface.

Terrific Tissue

Tissue paper eggs are eggs dyed in basic pastel colors, or even left natural, with shapes cut from tissue paper glued to the surface. The tissue paper adds a layer of translucent color that gets deeper and brighter anywhere you overlap it. You can put the egg on a stand or narrow napkin ring to help balance it while you work. Use a fine-point paintbrush to paint the shapes of delicate flowers or symbols on the eggs with craft glue. Glue the cut out tissue paper shapes on the eggs and tear the paper off of the areas where there isn’t glue for a unique look.

Displaying These Unique Egg Decorating Ideas

Your decorated eggs can easily become part of your decor, and there are so many ways to display them. Put them in Easter baskets, arrange them around the base of a potted plant, perch them on pretty candleholders or tuck the animal-themed eggs in large baking cups on top of a little bit of Easter grass with some jelly beans for a sweet touch.