7 Indoor Plant Ideas

to Bring Outside In

7 Indoor Plant Ideas to Bring Outside In

Bring that wonderful feeling of relaxing in the garden inside with indoor plants. The best indoor plants add a breath of fresh air to your home and can be a significant part of your decor. No matter the color of your thumb, these seven indoor plant ideas from us at Pottery Barn will help you bring the outdoors in and create a peaceful, welcoming ambience throughout your home.

Take Advantage of Good Lighting

Growing plants indoors requires light, especially for ones that are normally outside plants. Placed near a brightly sunlit window, various kinds of palm trees and bamboo can create the feel of an exotic travel destination. Use mirrors to reflect and increase natural lighting.

Also, take time to read the instructions and talk with your nursery garden experts about the correct lighting for your plants. Some prefer diffused lighting, while others thrive in brightness. Palm trees appreciate a rotation outdoors in the warmer seasons. If you do rotate your plants, know that they need time to become accustomed to the difference in temperature and humidity.

Turn Open Shelves into an Indoor Garden

Create an indoor garden by filling an open bookshelf with lush greenery. Instead of placing the unit against a wall, you can turn it into a natural room divider in homes with an open floor plan or in apartment living rooms. Plants also accent ladder shelves nicely and rarely require dusting. Make sure to place saucers underneath the plants to protect the furniture from water spillage.

Use Moss Letters to Dress up Your Walls

Bring the outdoor freshness of moss and ivy inside your home with moss letters. They bring a zesty personal touch to any wall. Just be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight. Also, don’t forget to take down and water your moss letters, so they remain fresh and green.

Create a Healthy Atmosphere with Nature’s Air Filter

According to the NASA Clean Air Study, certain types of indoor plants can potentially filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in homes. VOCs are indoor air pollutants, such as formaldehyde and benzene. English ivy, golden pothos and certain philodendrons make for great healthy plant options.

NASA recommends using 15 to 18 good-sized houseplants for a 1,800-square-foot house. Consider clustering planters of various sizes and styles together in a well-lit corner of your most open living space. Then, spread smaller plants around the rest of your home. Indoor plants, such as peace lilies, can also increase humidity in dry environments. Peace lilies have beautiful white flowers and can grow in low lighting. Because they only require watering about once a week, they make for a lush, low-maintenance option.

Sleep Well with Indoor Plants for the Bedroom

The snake plant takes in carbon dioxide and emits oxygen at nighttime to keep your bedroom’s air fresh and clean. Consider keeping one on your dresser or a table by a window. You can also try placing a pot of live lavender on your bedside table to relax you and help you fall asleep after a busy day.

Rest Easy with “ZZ” Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

For an easy solution to growing plants indoors, the ZZ plant, zamioculcas zamifolia, is an elegant low-maintenance indoor plant that can thrive in various indoor lighting conditions and irregular watering. It’s also known as the eternity plant. The zigzag leafy stalks grow fairly tall and look good on a stand or an accent table against a wall.

Avoid overwatering your plants. That can cause root rot, which often reveals itself in prematurely browning leaves and fungus growth. If you suspect root rot, remove the plant from the soil and check the roots. You can cut the bad roots from some plants, such as yuccas, and they’ll grow back. Make sure to replace the soil entirely. If you’re unsure, check with your local nursery garden.

Faux Plants – The Ultimate Cure for Brown Thumbs

If you love the idea of filling your home with plants, but aren’t up for the care and maintenance, consider faux botanicals and succulents. Because there’s no drainage required, you can “pot” them in wide-mouthed vases and baskets, or create a faux terrarium in a pretty bowl. Try arranging succulents into a photo-worthy display on your wall. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative ways you can decorate with high-quality faux indoor plants.

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